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As I planned, there was a (newly established) nucleic acid testing point nearby when I went downstairs at 11 o’clock. It took less than ten minutes to queue up and leave after the test. Yesterday was really a fool. There were still people in the queue from 6:30 in the morning to 8:40 in the morning. Why don’t you do something like this today, and then find the time when there are not many people to get the nucleic acid done!

After the nucleic acid test, I don’t want to take a detour today, so I went directly to the “Putian Lumen” and packed a “sea oyster porridge” for 6 yuan, and then went to the nearby “Cainiao Station” to get my newly bought 50 yuan “Sneakers” ”, and then went directly back to the dormitory.

On the way back to the dormitory, I had nothing to do and looked at the circle of friends, and then saw that the “two former colleagues” actually came together. My first feeling was “jealousy”, I felt that other people had a good life and so on… Suddenly my head started Have a question? Why should I be “jealous” of them? After returning to the dormitory, I also thought, yes, I have always been jealous of others, and I often compare myself to myself, so I am often unhappy.

After returning to the dormitory, I opened bilibili and searched for “why are people jealous”. The first search was “Luo Xiang: People should be wary of their inner jealousy, the biggest enemy is actually themselves”. After watching the video, I felt that I also needed to slow down. Take your time and try to change your mind, turn the disadvantage into the advantage, and make the unhappy into the happy! Wish I could do it.

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