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I just made a detour to the “fast food restaurant” I often go to to prepare fast food. When I got there, I saw it was closed. It may be as the proprietress said that the road for the positive patient was closed the day before yesterday, which indirectly caused her shop to be closed because no one went to eat. Reduce business losses.

The second lunch I thought of when the fast food restaurant was closed was “Putian Lumen”, and then I took a detour again. This one is fine because of its good location and the traffic arteries will not be blocked. I said that I would like a package of 12 yuan of noodles. After I waited for a few minutes, it was very fast, and then I went back to the dormitory.

One thing I discovered on the way was that there were many more “nucleic acid testing points”, and there were only two or three near me, and the others far away were not counted. I’m afraid that a few people will be detected by the nucleic acid test this time. It will be serious. The communication I hear on the road now is “Is there nucleic acid? No one in the xxx place is queuing up there, hurry up”.

I originally wanted to go for a walk, but I was afraid of the “scope”. I’ve been walking around the neighborhood for the past few days. I’ll wait until tomorrow to see if there are any new cases. If not, the world will be peaceful! !

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