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I stayed under the big banyan tree at the entrance of the village and got up at about eleven o’clock and went back. On the way back, I stopped by the supermarket and bought some vegetables to add to my “hodgepodge” of lunch. When I got to the supermarket, I thought it was a promotion and there was a queue in front of the cashier. I went shopping in the vegetable area and bought “tomato 🍅 + bean sprouts + coriander”. 8 yuan” I didn’t buy it if it exceeded my budget. In the fruit area, I saw that there are no special offers… As long as the fruit is too rotten to be eaten, I give up. In the end, I also queued for eight or nine minutes before paying and leaving.

After returning to the dormitory, I took out the “vegetables that were stored in the washbasin” yesterday, and checked if they were not damaged (the Internet didn’t lie to me). Dice, slice, halve” and place in a bowl. For the main meal at noon, I chose “multi-grain multigrain noodles” instead of “whole wheat noodles”. Of course, I have so many nutritious vegetables with more nutritious noodles🍜.

I boiled the water first, put in the noodles and cooked for four minutes (I like tender ones), put in the carrots 🥕 and boiled for one minute, poured all the side dishes in and boiled for three or four minutes, and finally added “vinegar, salt” , pepper, chicken essence, grape oil” An absolutely nutritious lunch is ready.

It feels very good to eat today. The amount of pepper and chicken essence is less, and it is much better. Adding coriander to neutralize the taste is good.

ps: I forgot to send the longan to my second sister yesterday. I sealed the longan, and I just checked the “mold”. I can only eat it all by myself today, otherwise it will be broken.

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