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At eleven o’clock, I wanted to test the nucleic acid (free) and the result seemed to have been cancelled. This test point was gone, so I had to go back the same way. When I came back, I thought that I had eaten all the “duck blood” I had to buy again, so I went back to the nearby supermarket. I went to the “meat processing area” of the supermarket to look at the “boxed pig blood”. It was not fresh at all and the box was dirty. If you want to die, just give up and don’t buy it. If you don’t have pig blood, then buy other vegetables that can be boiled instead. After shopping around, I bought “white radish + onion”. I wanted to buy an eggplant 🍆 to cook noodles together, but after Baidu I felt that it would take a long time to cook and gave up.

After I got to the dormitory, I took out the dishes that were placed in the shade of the room. The moment I opened the lid, there was an oncoming “sour smell” (surely, some dishes cannot be stored in this way). I took a look and found that the “scallions” and “leeks” stink, and in line with the principle of not wasting, “pick and choose”, wash them and throw away those that can be eaten. After looking at other vegetables “cabbage ok, bean sprouts ok, carrot ok, coriander ok, tomato ok”, the two kinds of vegetables are broken. I won’t buy the ones that are easy to break next time.

The same process as yesterday, “cut off”, put it in a pot and wait for the pot, the newly added “white radish and onion” is the same… I will cook a bowl of “seven kinds” of noodles as a side dish haha, absolutely nutritious!

ps: I will be insulated from peppers in the future. Nima has made me still have “diarrhea” and can only drink “milk” to relieve my stomach! ! !

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