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Yesterday, after I complained that the “whole wheat noodles” was not delicious, I went to the bus stop to wait for the bus early in the morning after breakfast, and went to “RT-Mart” to buy the “multi-grain noodles” I had eaten before. After arriving at the bus stop, I felt that there were a lot of people. Maybe they all went to work after the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. However, this led to a problem. When a bus came, a group of people got on the bus, and when a bus came, a group of people got on the bus. Otherwise, when the bus came, a group of people were already crowding in the bus. I just wanted to wait for a bus that was not crowded with many people, so I was stunned from “waiting around 8:15 until almost 9:00”, and finally I waited for a bus with “not many people and no one rushing.” Get on the bus”, it is estimated that the rush hour for work has passed.

Because there was no seat on the bus, I was standing all the way, and because I forgot to charge my earphones 🎧 last night, I felt uncomfortable on the bus, so I could only open the “Fiction APP” to read a novel to divert my attention. Fortunately, there are not many sites. After standing for 20 minutes, we arrived at the “Wuyi Square”. I originally wanted to do a “nucleic acid test”, but at a glance, there were quite a lot of people queuing for nucleic acid. Anyway, it was already yesterday. Nucleic acid testing was done.

Show the green code, enter “RT-Mart”, grab a “basket” and go straight to the “🍜 Noodle Shelf”. When I got to this familiar shelf, I saw the “multi-grain multigrain vermicelli” that I bought last time, and I was ready to take two packs and leave. But when I looked up at the shelf above, I saw “Multigrain Vermicelli Noodles” with the same brand but different packaging. I took out the two dried noodles and compared them, and found that the ingredients were the same and there was no difference. Finally, I looked again and found a big problem. The production dates were different. It turns out that the last time I bought it was “produced in July last year”, and the one on the shelf above was “produced in July this year”. Although it has not expired, I still feel bad (# ̄~ ̄#), so I bought two this time. “Multi-grain multigrain vermicelli” packaged “produced in July this year”. After buying the noodles🍜, the task of coming here today is completed.

I then went to the “vegetable area” and bought vegetables that were easier to keep, such as: “carrots, onions, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes🍅”, of course, I also bought some for one-time consumption, such as: “lettuce, Tofu, duck blood, thousand pieces”. Finally, when I was about to go back, I went to the “fruit area” for a stroll. When I walked to a freezer, an elder sister recommended to me: “Just cut fruit”, I saw that it was “papaya” a box of more than seven yuan, Just grab a box. I went to the shelf in front of the fruit weighing platform, and there were many “special fruits of bad quality” on it, so I took two bags of apples 🍎, a bag of more than 8 yuan (6 pieces) and a bag of more than 6 yuan (4), I still feel very favorable. Thinking about the last time I bought apples in the supermarket near the downstairs, “Four Red Fuji Apples 🍎” was not worth 20 yuan.

After returning to the dormitory, I started cooking noodles today, still chopping vegetables for 20 to 30 minutes. While cutting vegetables, I also found that there were too many vegetables, and one pot might not be able to cook them. In the end, “Chinese cabbage and duck blood” were not cut and cooked until tomorrow.

Today’s side dishes for boiled noodles are: “tofu, thousand sheets, tomatoes🍅, lettuce, onions, potatoes, carrots, and sauerkraut from my hometown”. I ate it for 40 minutes before I finished it. Of course, there was not a lot of fruit after the meal, but it was very supportive. belly.

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