[This article blocks mainland China] Pyproxy residential IP proxy [not available in mainland China, does not have the function of bypassing firewalls and cross-border gateways]

Pyproxy 住宅IP代理【中国大陆不可用,不具有绕过防火墙和跨境网关的功能】

Front row reminder

The Pyproxy introduced in this article does not have the function of bypassing firewalls and cross-border gateways, nor can it bypass the network restrictions and blockades of Chinese ISPs. Its related services cannot be accessed and used in the network environment of mainland China, and it is very popular software , VPN.

This kind of IP agency business is a high-risk business. Please pay monthly and pay per volume to prevent property damage caused by running away. At the same time, please pay attention to the use of software . Information network crime, DDOS attack, SSH blasting, illegally crawling website content, downloading illegal digital media and software, disseminating obscene materials, disguising identities for illegal and criminal acts and other illegal, illegal, disciplinary and immoral acts.

[WARNING] Although it is a residential IP, there is a possibility of sharing an IP with black and gray products (connected seats). At the same time, due to the large IP fluctuations, it may not be as good as a direct connection from a mobile phone in mainland China, or an IP of an ordinary overseas VPS. (The premise is exclusive, not the bus). If this leads to the loss caused by the account closure, it has nothing to do with me. Be careful before using it, and consider the risks yourself!

Background introduction

Pyproxy is a website that sells short-term IP proxies similar to 911S5 and Piaproxy.

It is recommended to register through the invitation link: click here to open the website

It is often used for financial account maintenance, payment gateway ordering, crawling of websites and other information, registration and trial of commercial platforms .

For example, if I place an order on a website such as Stripe/AWS/PayPal, and register on a website such as Oracle/AWS/GBP/DO, the loss caused by the account closure and account closure has nothing to do with me. Be careful before using it, and consider the risks yourself!

Service Content

The website mainly provides 3 types of services, among which ISP proxy is useless, ordinary IP, residential proxy are billed by traffic and billed by IP.

And there are some odd countries that might have proxies available.

Traffic billing

New users have a 5USD, 30-day, 2GB data package (limited to one purchase)

Other packages are relatively large bowls, all 100USD+.

But after PY with customer service, users who follow my link can buy a small data package with customer service (@pyproxyip), 30 days, 1G/3.5USD (within 10G), and the customer service also clearly told me that they can share the number, so occasionally It can also be used to carpool.

The anchor IP can be stable for half an hour without changing, or the IP can be floating randomly.

This package supports HTTP, HTTPS, S5.

Billing by IP

This method is similar to the traditional 911S5 method. Obtain an IP and deduct the IP number once. There is a special Windows App (the traffic billing does not support Windows App). The lowest package is the 36USD monthly payment package of 200IPs. This seems to be using S5 Only, and the validity period of each IP may be about 2 hours. But not restricting traffic.

How to pay

Take a look, support credit card (VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay), PayPal, cryptocurrency (it looks like coinbase commerce and artificial trx, usdt)

The pit point is that cryptocurrencies require +5% handling fee, but you don’t need to swipe cards or something. It is extremely confusing, and I feel that it is better to pay for this with U.

how to use

Please note that the related services cannot be accessed or used in the network environment of mainland China, and access will be directly denied, without related functions. Of course, you can access it in a non-mainland China network environment, but you also need to pay attention to the issue of legal use.

I’ve only experienced the metered residential IP version and it does perform well in some cases, and IP checking works well.

According to the relevant laws and regulations of China, the reference method of using the agent is not displayed in places accessible in mainland China. Please search for relevant keywords on Patreon , which is not accessible in mainland China.

Residential IP Example

Risk level can be detected at @zpcny_bot

For example, I randomly draw a few American ones,,,,

Then I looked at strange countries such as Bhutan, but there are also such as

Of course, these IPs are not invincible, and as such, the overall quality is still higher than most ordinary machines.

Locate IP

The positioning country and session validity period can be preset in the control panel (up to 30 minutes without IP)

To locate the state and city, you can refer to the following user name writing (use the user name to identify the parameters)



In addition, the test command he gave cannot be used, please modify the following command according to the format

 curl -x pr.pyproxy.com:16666 -U "test-zone-resi-region-us-session-abcde-sessTime-30:12345" http://ip-api.com/json

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