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In the future, the blog will be changed to “a few words and a few words” like it is now. It feels quite good. It’s good to make a few comments like QQ space. I also re-exported last year’s tp-blog ‘s micro words.

Here I would like to thank “Fan Ge” for providing me with ideas (let me connect the data and find a way to export it). Originally, I did a good job of copying and pasting and manually exporting it for a day, but I didn’t expect my Baidu code to succeed hahaha! Exporting .md in a few minutes saved a day haha.

At present, many imperfections have not been added, such as “light box/delayed loading/picture arrangement style”, etc. Let’s talk about it tomorrow, I don’t want to do it today, I haven’t eaten yet, I’m going to have lunch haha.

ps: The link is still not deleted, I put a separate html page at the bottom

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