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I just came back from the “nucleic acid” test, and I waited in line for more than two hours. Today, I was lucky to be a little ahead of the line, and there were a group of people five or six minutes behind me.

On the way there, I also found that there were more people in the vegetable market. It may be because of the nucleic acid queue or because they were worried about buying more food just in case; I looked at the price of watermelon and it seemed that the price had increased by “2.8 yuan per pound”. The price went up after the outbreak. Before, there were “1.8 yuan a pound”, but now it’s more than 2 yuan!

When I came back, I wanted to go to the fast-food restaurant I often go to to pack and eat, but many intersections were closed, so I had to take more detours; when I arrived at the fast-food restaurant, I complained to the proprietress: “This intersection is blocked and I need to go a long way. Road”, the proprietress also replied: “Because yesterday, 4 shops were closed for positive, and although I didn’t get involved here, but because the intersection was blocked, the passenger flow was directly reduced by half, and no one went this way. That positive patient is harmful. People, I just arrived in Xiamen at seven o’clock last night and wandered around…”.

Really are! ! It is estimated that the nucleic acid queue will be dead in the past few days! ! ! !

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