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I woke up from my sleep at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. After waking up, I had a constant headache (overdone nap?), in order to relieve this headache, I opened my notebook and started a blog.

When I visited “Yizhe Blog” before taking a nap, I saw “Classmate Xiao Zhao” and then gave him a popular science SVG map. By the way, I mentioned “Alibaba Vector Library”, and I suddenly remembered that. Yes, there are a lot of SVG materials on this site. Also free. Later, I resolutely visited and searched for two materials about “location and equipment”. After I found a good material icon, I changed it for my blog, and I felt that the effect was very good.

After tossing to five o’clock🕔, I feel that life without a plan is too difficult, I dare not read the novel and can’t come out, and the fan drama does not want to watch it too tired, and finally I want to go out for a walk. I am confused about where to go. One is to go to the “healthy trail” around the mountain, the other is to go to “Haicang Park”, and I want to go to Haicang Park. It’s too far to go back and forth, it is better to go to the healthy trail. By the way, I took the three-day garbage bag with me.

I waited for the bus at the bus stop for a long time, and the bus that usually appeared often seemed to disappear. My inner plan was changing again. At this time, a bus to the subway station happened to arrive. I was thinking about getting on the bus and changing the original plan to take the subway to “Haicang Park”. When everyone got on the bus and was about to close, I said to myself If someone gets in the car at this time, I will get in the car. I didn’t think that the big brother would rush to get in the car, so I also got in the car.

When I got to the subway station, I went through the security check, and I was thinking about which station to get off and transfer to the line, but when the subway arrived, I saw so many people! ! ! Crowded! After changing the plan again, I am going to take the subway to the opposite place and then ride a bicycle 🚲 finally arrive at “Haicang Park” on the electric car. After waiting for another five minutes, the subway came instead. No one was crowded on the train, and there were even seats. Haha.

Sitting on the subway, I feel a little unaccustomed to many people. I swing my hands back and forth with nowhere to put my hands, and my eyes keep staring at the stop sign. When I got to the subway crossing the seaside line, I turned my eyes back to the seaside. At this time, I found a very beautiful “Miss” who gave me a very “intellectual and gentle” beauty. I think “Stupid Brother” told me to take pictures of Miss Subway, but I didn’t dare. It always felt illegal. When Miss Sister turned her head to look at the beach, I took a picture of her profile face (very beautiful), there should be no front face. It’s alright haha!

In my plan, I should get off at this station. After getting off the bus at this station, it is the fastest to go to the beach. However, after I got out of the station, I was stunned. I was so far away by the distance. I had no choice but to walk ten times. A few minutes to the beach.

After I got to the beach, my original plan was to go to “Haicang Park”, but after I got to the beach, I sat down and watched the scenery while chatting about my current plan.

There are quite a lot of people at the seaside, but three pairs of people stand out in my sight. A pair of men and women paddled a “kayak” directly to the middle of the sea or to the other side (the line of sight disappeared anyway). It was the men and women who stood on the beach for ten minutes and prayed with their hands folded 🙏 (Are they praying for love💏?) And there was a big brother who went down the bank with a cast net and really caught a lot of fish!

To the end: We should have our own rhythm of life, don’t envy or compare, it will be very tiring and tiring, I hope to see that we here are all well with each other.

ps: This dynamic code has been code for an hour, and I have been sitting here fishing, haha! ! I originally wanted to put more pictures, but the picture size is different, so I have to put it out as a puzzle 🧩.


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