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In the afternoon, I tossed myself into “autistic” by tossing the blog. After the self-isolation, my brain began to have all kinds of “crazy thoughts”. The continuous depression of my mood made me unable to extricate myself from it. Although I finally suppressed it, my mood was still low. .

After four o’clock, I barely slept for an afternoon. When I woke up, I checked the time “5:05”, opened QQ and saw a message that “Xiao Zhao said that he changed the network card and the network speed took off.” When I woke up, my brain was in chaos and headache, so I replied with an expression “😂”.

At around 5:20, I ate a “steamed bun” bought in the supermarket at noon and drank a bottle of “milk”. At this time, I thought I should go out to relieve my “depressed mood” and take a walk? I’m sorry I’m not in this mood anymore, I think I should go for a bike ride🚵 and take a long-distance ride, which should relieve my depression. I went out around 5:30. Before going out, I swiped Douyin and saw a message “Heavy rain?” No, isn’t it sunny in the afternoon? It should be raining but not on the island.

I went to a bus stop where there are many shared bicycles and scanned a “little blue car”. When I saw the message that the unlocking was successful, I wiped the “handles and cushions” with a tissue, and found the car when I was about to leave. Still locked! ! ! Wori was speechless, the message of successful unlocking was false, but he had no choice but to change the car to report the fault. I walked another kilometer to find a row of shared bicycles. In order to prevent what happened in front of me, I first unlocked and confirmed the success before wiping the handle of the seat cushion.

As I ride a shared bicycle, I am thinking about where to go by bike? After thinking about “Haicang Park” for a long time, I set off towards this predetermined goal. When I can see the opposite bank, I see that it will not really rain when the opposite side is “overcast with clouds”☔, thinking that I should continue to set off towards that goal. I was forced to change lanes when a three-wheeler occupied the already small road while crossing a bridge trail. Because I changed lanes, I thought about not going to “Haicang Park”. It might rain there, but in the end, I went back to the bridge and prepared to cross the sea.

When I arrived at the cross-sea bridge, I looked at the “clouds” on the opposite side, wouldn’t it really rain? Then I rode over without an umbrella, and I became a “chicken in the soup”. In the end, I gave up going to “Haicang Park” and chose to go to “the park that used to be 10 kilometers away from the Great Ring Road.” Cycling turns towards another target “park”. After riding for a while, I found a problem. I could not ride the bike against the wind in the direction of the windy day. I didn’t believe in evil and I rode for a while. It’s raining, so hurry up and turn around and ride over. This time, I feel like I’m going to fly when I ride downwind.

On the way back from the ride, my mind couldn’t hold back my “crazy thoughts”. I could only keep giving myself “crazy brains” and slapped my left and right “arms” (they were all red and swollen) to remind myself not to “think wildly”. I also said to myself, “Ye Kai, are you a person? What are you thinking?” I went back to the dormitory and rode for 40 minutes and 8 kilometers.

ps: No wonder the “inner demons” in Xiuxian’s novels are so difficult to deal with, and it is really “indulge yourself and fall into the abyss” if you can’t suppress it! I feel like I don’t want to move a little these two days… I’m so tired.

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