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I don’t know where to start, I have now left “Fujian” and came to a “unfamiliar city” by myself.

The starting point for leaving Fujian was “climate and physical reasons”. Later, the body gradually improved, and the starting point became the reason for “escape from the heart”. Finally, I left Fujian Province.

When I left, I only told 📢 a few good friends. Ahui told me that if you can’t stay, come back, I can live here for you. Kaitai also told me that if there is a chance, we will make an appointment to climb the mountain together, and we will go back if we can’t wait.

I haven’t dealt with the matter in Xiamen, and the landlord has not settled the deposit with me. My dad also said to me: “Don’t worry about your parents all day long. You are also a big boy. If you don’t work hard now, it will be too late for you to figure it out.”

But I still came to a “strange city” by “going my way”, I felt like I was going crazy, and I needed a new environment for me to start over. But the blood surging at the departure and the strange confusion at the arrival formed a sharp contrast.

Although I contacted him and he came to pick me up, they both knew each other’s character, and most of them were actually “complimenting each other”. He became my new landlord, and I also gave him “five months’ rent”, I half-jokingly said: “When the time comes, if I don’t live, you can just refund my rent, I didn’t fail to pay the rent. Ha ha ha”.

He helped me with the tidying up of the room I was going to live in, and we chatted a lot. After finishing things up, he also took me to go shopping nearby, and went to the “fresh food supermarket” to buy some things and go back to the dormitory. Later, I went shopping alone again, and went to the roadside food stall to buy some vegetables, ready to go back to cook noodles.

After I came back, I started cooking in the “shared kitchen”. I had my first dinner (noodles) here, and by the way, I also learned how to use the “gas stove”. I have to say that today’s noodles were cooked well and tasted just right.

The lifestyles of the two people are different, and it takes some time to get in touch with each other. I hope we can live in harmony with each other. Although we are all similar people, I can feel “more different feelings”. Everyone has two faces, and sometimes you only see what you can see.

I wrote it here today, I deleted a lot, and did not write many details. I’m too tired and exhausted. I haven’t slept well for the past few days. In addition, the “anxiety” caused by this unfamiliar environment makes me want to sleep💤, too tired, too tired.


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