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After lying for two days, I felt it was time to go out for a walk, so I ate a brown sugar steamed bun and drank a bottle of milk before leaving. After arriving at the place, the first person I saw was the familiar “face”, the uncle wearing a pirate hood and walking barefoot, still walking like a tiger.

At the beginning of the first lap, in addition to meeting the “uncle”, I saw a van that was parked on the side of the road because of a “fault” (the tripod was placed two or three meters). The two refrigerated truck drivers who communicated with each other” (he drank a lot of alcohol and urinated beside his car), and when he walked the third lap, he saw “What are the two owners of Corgi and Samoyed talking about?” (Dog food? I see During the feeding), on the fourth lap, I saw “the girl in blue running” (I lost it after a few laps), and on the sixth and seventh laps, I saw “the girl in white ran for several laps.” (I can run three or four laps much better than me, and every time I run past me, I have a “perfume” smell, which is very light and comfortable), when I reached the eleventh lap, I didn’t leave. Nucleic acid test.

During the nucleic acid test, I saw a driver. Seeing that no one was queuing, I drove directly to the entrance of the factory and ran to test the nucleic acid. The security guard said that you can’t block the road. He’s right behind me, and I’m also the captain hahaha!

After the nucleic acid test, I wanted to go to the supermarket to buy some “yogurt” and buy some other things. After I got to the supermarket, I searched for the kind of yogurt I wanted and went to buy “tomato 🍅 and vegetable melon”. Thinking about the apples🍎, I finished eating and bought a little more, so I went to get four “Red Fuji” which is more than seven yuan a pound. After weighing it, I saw the price and I was stunned. ! Nima quickly put it back and left. Before leaving, she still bought a bottle of sugar-free Coke “3.8 yuan”.

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