Authoritative organization released “Multi-experience development platform market guide” Ant Group is the only Chinese manufacturer

Recently, the international research institution Gartner® released the “Market Guide for Multiexperience Development Platforms” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”), focusing on the market status and development trends of multiexperience development platforms. Ant Group is recognized as a representative supplier and the only Chinese manufacturer, and its self-developed one-stop mobile development platform mPaaS is included as a representative product.

With the in-depth development of the digital economy, more and more services are accelerating their transformation to online, mobile and intelligent. At the same time, emerging interaction methods such as wearable devices, chatbots, augmented reality and mixed reality continue to emerge, and how to provide a consistent user experience across a wide range of digital product portfolios has become the focus of enterprises.

In this context, multi-experience development platforms have become a trend. The multi-experience development platform supports a distributed and scalable development method, allowing enterprises to build applications across devices, touchpoints and interaction modes to ensure a consistent user experience. According to Gartner, by 2025, the multi-experience development platform market will reach $4.7 billion; by 2027, 40% of large enterprises will build super applications based on multi-experience development platforms.

In order to provide reference for enterprise IT architecture decision makers and application developers, the above-mentioned “Report” analyzes the global multi-experience development platform from 10 standards such as developer tools, micro-application and super-application mode, API and integration support, and development and operation support. Manufacturers evaluate. The “Report” lists 28 global suppliers of products that meet the standards. Among them, Ant Group is the only manufacturer from China, and other representative manufacturers include AWS, Microsoft, Google and other overseas companies.

It is understood that Ant Digital mPaaS is a mobile development platform independently developed by Ant Group. It provides a cloud-to-end one-stop solution for mobile application development, testing, operation and maintenance, which can significantly improve the interactive experience of mobile applications and ensure application compatibility. regulations and safety.

It is worth mentioning that Ant Digital mPaaS is also equipped with refined operation tools and rich marketing scenario capabilities to help enterprises achieve business growth. Taking Xinhua Insurance as an example, in February this year, the “Handheld Xinhua” app based on mPaaS was officially launched, becoming the online service platform of Xinhua Insurance for all C-end customers. After the launch of the new version of the app, the number of daily active users increased by 450%, the cumulative number of users exceeded 1 million, and the average daily transaction volume was 4.63 times that of the previous one.

At present, Ant Digital mPaaS has been widely used in industries such as finance, government affairs, communications and the Internet, serving hundreds of institutions and enterprises including Fudian Bank, New China Insurance, 12306, and Shanghai Metro.

Yu Bin, general manager of Ant Group’s Digital Industry Division, said: “I am delighted that the mPaaS mobile development platform has been recognized by Gartner for its outstanding performance. In the future, we will adhere to independent research and development and continuous innovation to provide efficient digital and intelligent products for all walks of life. and solutions to help enterprises upgrade their digital intelligence.”

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