AutoX releases China’s first large-scale RoboTaxi operation center network, covering ten bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen


Autonomous driving is getting closer to reality.

On May 9, 2022, AutoX released China’s first large-scale RoboTaxi operation center network, with the first batch of 10 large-scale operation centers located in first-tier cities such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing. As a result, AutoX has the largest RoboTaxi operation center system in the country and even in the world, forming a complete large-scale operation network.

Since 2020, AutoX has launched RoboTaxi operations for the public in several cities, including China’s first fully unmanned operation area covering the entire region of 168 square kilometers. The operation center network released this time is specially built for professional-level operation and maintenance scheduling of large-scale RoboTaxi fleets, supporting over 1,000+ unmanned vehicles in high-density, high-efficiency, and high-intensity operation in a large area of ​​more than 1,000 square kilometers. A key part of the commercialization of autonomous driving on a large scale.

Along with this release, a drone flight video showed the daily operation of AutoX Pingshan operation center, unveiling the mystery of China’s first fully unmanned RoboTaxi operation center.

The Pingshan Fully Unmanned Operation Center is located in Pingshan District, Shenzhen. It supports a fully unmanned RoboTaxi operation area with an operating area of ​​up to 168 square kilometers, and radiates to the surrounding autonomous driving operation areas.

Walk into AutoX Pingshan Fully Unmanned RoboTaxi Operation Center

AutoX Pingshan fully unmanned RoboTaxi operation center has a total indoor area of ​​18,198 square meters and a total of six floors.

In the video, the drone flies over the lower four floors of the operation center, all of which are RoboTaxi vehicle operation and maintenance areas, taking into account the full functions of vehicle operation and maintenance, technical operation and maintenance, and data return, and designed large-scale charging piles to maximize RoboTaxi operation efficiency network, and equipped with professional operation and maintenance equipment such as high-speed network, elevator, sensor calibration turntable, etc., to support all-round standardized and automated operations from vehicle maintenance, repair, cleaning, maintenance, technical operation and maintenance, calibration, testing, verification, to software and hardware upgrades . The top two floors of the Pingshan Operation Center are the office areas for operation and maintenance personnel, including the customer service center, operation services, quality assurance and other departments.

With the running trajectory of the drone, the daily operation and maintenance of the large-scale AutoX RoboTaxi fleet, and the activities such as driving are gradually displayed. The team is based on the FCA Grand Dragon model and is equipped with the fifth-generation Gen5 system of AutoX.


AutoX Shenzhen Pingshan RoboTaxi Operation Center 1st Floor

Floor Mars


The second floor of AutoX Shenzhen Pingshan RoboTaxi Operation Center

Floor Jupiter Jupiter Floor

Since January 2021, AutoX has released China’s first fully unmanned RoboTaxi open to the public. The front, co-pilot, and rear seats are unmanned, reaching the level of the entire vehicle. There are no safety officers or operators in the vehicle. personnel.

The special features of the AutoX Pingshan fully unmanned operation center revealed in this video are also in its three major characteristics of fully unmanned operation:

  • The whole vehicle is completely unmanned: Unlike the RoboTaxi where the driver or the co-pilot still has a safety officer in the vehicle, some unexpected operation scenarios will occur during the operation of the truly unmanned RoboTaxi, such as passengers who are unfamiliar with the touch screen. Interface, visual impairment, etc., all require online service from remote customer service personnel.

  • 168 square kilometers of unmanned driving domain: AutoX’s fully unmanned RoboTaxi operating domain covers an area of ​​168 square kilometers, covering the entire area of ​​Pingshan, including large and small streets, infiltrating “capillary” narrow roads, such as Shenzhen’s unique urban villages and other scenarios can also be fully integrated In the area of ​​unmanned driving, fleet management capabilities need to support sophisticated operations and complex changes in large areas.

  • Any point-to-point: within a range of 168 square kilometers, AutoX’s “point-to-point” service of unmanned vehicles has no fixed site and no fixed route.


AutoX Shenzhen Pingshan RoboTaxi Operation Center 3rd Floor

Floor Earth


AutoX Shenzhen Pingshan RoboTaxi Operation Center 4th Floor

Floor Pluto Pluto Floor

“Infrastructure” for the large-scale landing of unmanned vehicles


This time, AutoX has released a network of unmanned vehicle operation centers with a scale of up to 10 seats, which is the first large-scale unmanned vehicle operation center network in China.

“The efficient operation of the large-scale unmanned vehicle operation center network is the necessary infrastructure system for the large-scale and standardized implementation of RoboTaxi, and it is also a solid step for AutoX to implement the first batch of autonomous driving fleets of over 1,000 units in China.” AutoX the spokesman said.

AutoX’s global network of operation centers includes 10 operation centers, supporting the efficient and high-intensity operation of more than 1,000 autonomous RoboTaxi vehicles. From site selection, planning, to construction, each operation center is fully focused on infrastructure optimization for RoboTaxi’s high-frequency travel scenarios from point-to-point and on-call, and a large-scale charging pile network is designed to maximize RoboTaxi’s operational efficiency , through the distributed and efficient data backhaul specially designed for the large-scale operation and maintenance of L4-level fully unmanned driving, planning the full functions of vehicle operation and maintenance with the greatest ROI, technical operation and maintenance, etc., is a necessary condition for the large-scale RoboTaxi to be implemented.

Among AutoX’s 10 major operation centers, four are exclusively located in Shenzhen, which are located in Nanshan, Futian, and Pingshan. With the unique terrain trend of Shenzhen, they are distributed along the east-west coast. The coverage extends to Bao’an District, Shenzhen in the west, and runs through the bustling downtown areas of the three major gates in the middle, providing high-density autonomous vehicles for CBD areas such as Nanshan, Futian, and Luohu. , Longgang District, Longhua District.


In addition to the global operation center released this time, AutoX has made steady progress on the road of being completely unmanned:

In January 2021, AutoX released China’s first fully unmanned RoboTaxi for public operation, with a service area covering 168 square kilometers in Pingshan District, Shenzhen. In July of the same year, AutoX officially released the fifth-generation unmanned driving system, AutoX Gen5, to ensure true full unmanned driving capability. AutoX Gen5 is equipped with the world’s highest-definition automotive-grade sensors, self-developed core computing platform AutoX XCU and electronic and electrical architecture in the autonomous driving domain, with a computing power of 2200 TOPS, realizing full-stack architecture redundancy with automotive-grade functional safety.

In December 2021, AutoX also unveiled the internal video of the AutoX RoboTaxi super factory for the first time, showing the first truly fully driverless RoboTaxi production line in China. Relying on China’s first fully closed-loop RoboTaxi production line to ensure the quality and consistency of the production of each unmanned vehicle.

In February 2022, the AutoX RoboTaxi operating area will exceed 1,000 square kilometers, and the fleet will exceed 1,000 units.

From technology, to factories, to operation centers, AutoX is preparing for the implementation of the truly unmanned RoboTaxi.


AutoX fully unmanned fleet vehicles ready to go

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