BAI Capital raised funds and completed the first fundraising of 700 million US dollars

BAI Capital announced that it has recently completed the first fundraising of US$700 million. This is the first time that the original Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund was independent and raised funds externally. It exceeded its target and won investment from many internationally renowned institutional investors such as sovereign wealth funds, large insurance companies, Internet giants and first-tier Funds of Funds (FoF). The giant Bertelsmann Group has also continued to support it for 15 consecutive years.

The first US dollar fund of BAI Capital will adhere to a diversified portfolio, focus on the international expansion of Chinese industries, give full play to the superimposed advantages of technology, talents and supply chain, and promote Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs facing the global market in retail consumption, financial technology, content and Breakthrough progress in media innovation, Web3 and metaverse exploration. At the same time, based on the structural transformation window of the Chinese market, we will seize the great opportunity across cycles in the general trend of cutting-edge technology and underlying technology, new energy vehicles and autonomous driving, and software service-driven industrial upgrading.

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