Bai Huancheng User Manual 2022

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The last time the manual was published was in April 2021. Now that it is more than a year, the manual needs to be updated so that everyone can understand the latest developments.

Scope of application

This manual is used to better cooperate with Bai Huancheng.

My areas of interest and long-term focus

I personally focus on many areas, but the underlying core logic is that most of the areas I focus on are related to personal self-realization.

On this basis, it can be subdivided into:

  • Web3 : As an unregulated version of the real financial system, for me, Web3 is a good place to learn, and can compare with real-life finance to better understand finance.
  • Content Creation Industry : Helping More People on the Road of Content Creation
  • Developer services for small and medium developers : help more people develop their own products
  • Automation tools : Unleash productivity so everyone can do what they want.

I will focus on the above areas for a long time, and if you communicate with me about the content of the above areas, I will be very happy to chat with you in detail.

Key projects this year

  • NGLab, an independent developer incubator that cooperates with
  • own writing project
  • SaaS offerings in podcasting

my character traits

  • My MBTI type: INTJ

Core advantage: good at analyzing and dismantling things, and re-planning and arranging according to the purpose and direction.

  • My Gallup Strengths My top 10 Gallup Strengths competencies are: Idea, Focus, Action, Communicate, Perfection, Collect, Active, Analyze, Connect, Delight.
  • Area of ​​Strength: Building Impact

what kind of person am I

I can communicate with people as well as with myself, and I communicate with myself most of the time. If we meet to communicate, then, I will hope that you and I can have different views to share.

What to talk about for the first time?

I love talking about different experiences with others. If it is the first time to meet, you might as well talk about the books you have read recently, the places you have been to recently, I am very interested in hearing you share your stories.

favorite partner

  • People who prefer asynchronous communication to synchronous communication
  • People who prefer text to speech
  • logical person
  • No payment in arrears (except in special circumstances)

work/study preferences

  • Get used to working/studying late at night
  • Get used to working in a quiet place, or an environment with its own white noise
  • Dislikes working from home (except when writing code, since dual screens are required)

My Favorite Mode of Communication

For details, I will prefer an asynchronous communication method. You can organize the details of the problem and send me an email. I will communicate with you in detail after seeing the email.

For macro issues, I would prefer a synchronous communication method, in which we can explore new possibilities.

Favorite office space

  • Cafes: The best niche cafes, the working experience in the background sound is very good.
  • Bookstore: After chatting, you can visit the bookstore together and bring back two books you like.

active time

  • 9:00AM ~ 12:00AM: Reading time, do not disturb.
  • 2:00 PM ~ 9:00 PM: Read Internet information/check emails, please contact.
  • 9:00 PM ~ 11:00PM: Reading time, do not disturb.



what kind of person do you not like

  • Disrespect for professional people
  • People who resist detailing problems

how to pay

My consulting quotation is $400/h (equivalent to RMB 2697/hour) .

To start a consultation, you need to pay for at least 1 hour. Actual charges are billed hourly.

Consultation time is rounded up.

Problems you may encounter during communication with me?

  • It’s not necessarily because I don’t want to reply to a message that you haven’t returned to you for a long time, it’s probably because I didn’t pay attention. Now I read more books, so I read WeChat relatively less. Might as well ping me again.


If you have read the above information and still think it is necessary to establish contact with me and reach a communication, then you can scan the QR code below to get in touch with me.

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