Baidu Capital Announces Li Xiaoyang as CEO of Baidu Capital

On August 26, Baidu Capital announced that Li Xiaoyang, a former vice president of Baidu Group and an executive in charge of the investment and acquisition department, became CEO and joined the board of directors, responsible for Baidu Capital’s investment, financing and overall management.

According to public information, Li Xiaoyang holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Department of Electronic Engineering of Tsinghua University and a Master of Science degree from the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering of Cornell University. Years of experience in investment mergers and acquisitions, team management and fund operations.

It is reported that Li Xiaoyang joined Baidu War Investment in early 2021 as the person in charge. In the more than a year since he joined, Baidu War Investment has focused on areas such as autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, and chips that are strongly related to Baidu Group’s strategy, and has successively led the collection Investment and financing projects such as Duo Auto, Kunlun Core Technology, Xiaodu Technology, and Baitu Biotechnology. During his previous tenure at 58 Group, Li Xiaoyang led the team to complete major projects such as the merger of and, the acquisition of Anjuke, and the spin-off of Guazi used cars.

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