Baiying Bio received nearly RMB 500 million in Series B financing

Baiying Bio is a recombinant antibody drug R&D outsourcing service provider. It has multiple platforms such as recombinant antibody rapid expression platform, hybridoma antibody sequencing platform, and drug target protein development platform. It mainly provides users with hybridoma antibody sequencing, antibody human source chemical, nanobody customization and other services. Baiying Biological recently completed nearly 500 million yuan in Series B financing. This round of financing is funded by Cornerstone Capital, Jifeng Capital, Tianhui Capital, Haitong Venture Capital, Jiangsu High-tech Investment, Langzi Asiana, Yueshi Capital, Gaorong Capital, October Capital, West Shanghai (605151) Investment, Binfu Capital After more than ten institutions jointly completed, the old shareholders Furong Investment and Chengshu Investment also participated in this round of financing again.

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