Bank of Nanjing issued a clarification announcement: it has no connection with the relevant village and town bank case


The Bank of Nanjing announced that our bank will handle the agency settlement business of village banks in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of the payment system of the relevant departments, and the relevant fund settlement services are legal and compliant. Our bank’s agent village bank clearing business is only used as a fund settlement channel, does not bear capital risks, and has nothing to do with the relevant village bank cases… I hope that the relevant personnel will immediately stop the infringement of our bank and protect their rights in accordance with the law through proper channels. The information about the “explosion” and “unable to withdraw money” of our bank’s Hangzhou branch, as well as the “payment announcement”, “depositor withdrawal notice” and “event notice” issued in the name of our bank and relevant departments, are all false information, and our bank will act according to law. Hold relevant personnel accountable.
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