Bayi Square Memorial Tower

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When I booked the return train a few days ago, I found that the direct high-speed rail tickets from Nanchang back to Wuxi on Sunday afternoon were sold out. In order to make use of this last day as much as possible, I booked Nanchang West Railway Station – Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station – Wuxi East Railway Station. Although it was a little inconvenient to need to transfer trains, and it was close to Shanghai, maybe it would be transferred by the community, but after all, I squeezed out the morning free time and went to the famous scenic spot in Nanchang – Bayi Square.

Bayi Square is located in Donghu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. It is located at the intersection of Bayi Avenue, Beijing West Road, Zhongshan Road, Ruzi Road and other urban trunk streets. It was formerly known as People’s Square and was built in 1952. Covering an area of ​​78,000 square meters, it mainly includes four functional areas: the memorial area marked by the memorial tower, the memory area at the southern end, the memory area with 8 relief sculptures as the carrier, and the citizen leisure area at the northern end. Bayi Square is the heart of Nanchang City, the largest city center square in Jiangxi Province, and an important place for political, economic, cultural, entertainment and leisure activities in Nanchang City and Jiangxi Province. tower”.

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In the morning, I ordered the takeaway of “Old Nanchang Noodles and Crock Pot Soup”, to satisfy the regret of not having the noodles and meat pie soup before, and also experienced a hotel robot to deliver meals. Speaking of such a heavy breakfast, I, a person who eats spicy food and five scum, actually enjoys it with relish, and I still salivate when I think about it now…

Old Nanchang Mixed Noodles

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