“BBFresh Bao Dexian” completed an angel round of financing of millions of RMB


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Recently, 36氪 was informed that the new lifestyle brand “BBFresh”, which provides fresh-keeping products and services, announced that it has received an angel round of financing of millions of RMB, mainly invested by individual investors. This round of financing will be used for new product research and development, innovative marketing and other aspects.

In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to healthy lifestyles and eating habits, and related emerging industries have developed rapidly. From the hot air fryer, to the more precise subdivision of ice cream machines, popcorn machines, etc., newly emerging kitchen brands are replacing traditional kitchen utensils and becoming the first choice for young consumers in the kitchen. However, in the field of preservation technologies and products such as crisper boxes, which are more popular in households, most home furnishing brands are still based on low prices or traditional sales models. The core technology or brand experience has not improved.

Founded in early 2022, BBFresh has chosen the vertical category of fresh-keeping products, and what it wants to do is to “innovate the fresh-keeping category and redefine the fresh-keeping market”. Taking crisper products as an entry point, BBFresh has established a strategic partnership with the supply chain to re-develop and design products and give the brand a stronger expressiveness.

At present, BBFresh’s products are mainly stainless steel fresh-keeping boxes. The raw materials of the products are medical grade 316L antibacterial stainless steel, so that the fresh-keeping boxes can be healthy and antibacterial, sturdy and portable, fast cooling and heating, and have different sizes to meet the needs of consumers in different scenarios. usage requirements. According to BFBfresh, the company has more than 20 SKUs, and the price of a single product ranges from 40 yuan to more than 200 yuan. At present, BBFresh products have been launched in Tmall flagship store, and it has planned to lay offline large-scale supermarket channels, and plans to sell in ten overseas regions and countries.

In terms of team, Li Zhongheng, the founder of BBFresh, has more than ten years of cutting-edge brand work experience, is a well-known brand strategy and marketing expert, and has high-end supply chain integration capabilities. The person in charge of the design, operation, marketing and other aspects of the brand team has worked in domestic leading brand enterprises for many years and has rich industry experience and resources.

In the traditional preservation products industry, the pain points of the industry are very obvious. For consumers, the fresh-keeping products used now are not much different from ten years ago; for the supply side, the products are very solid, the profit margin is low, and the motivation to develop new products is insufficient. There are no particularly strong brands in China, but there are players such as Tupperware and Lock & Lock overseas.

Li Zhongheng told 36Kr, “In such a very traditional industry, we want to create a fresh-keeping product brand based on our own industrial resource background and brand operation capabilities.”

At present, on the industrial side, BBFresh has reached an in-depth cooperation with the supply chain (the factory is a strategic investor), which can ensure the efficiency of the supply chain and ensure profit margins; on the brand side, BBFresh attaches great importance to the construction of social networks, and will develop with more different brands. Cross-border cooperation to create a sense of community atmosphere for users. In addition, the brand has also built a cute cartoon IP image BoBo, which has accumulated 100,000 fans.

In addition to the existing product lines, BBFresh is also actively conducting research and development of new products, and at the same time actively deploying brands to go overseas.

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