Behind the misrepresented “aircraft carrier photo”, there are such a group of lovely players

Recently, the mysterious number “003” has been frequently on the hot search.

It’s not the number of an agent, or the new model of some popular mobile phone, but the code name of a ship: our country’s third aircraft carrier.

Nearly two months before the official announcement of the launch of the No. 003 aircraft carrier “Fujian”, a lot of news about the aircraft carrier began to circulate. For military fans, this is a big event no less than any festival, and all fans are hungry and paying special attention to it.

The military information media also won’t let this hot spot go. All kinds of news from unknown sources are mixed together, and they have become a pre-dinner snack for military fans who can’t wait.


However, when a picture that appeared in many reports was passed on to players, they found that it did not look like a real thing, but more like a model in the game, and it was a “mosaic” with its own “mosaic”. Minecraft (hereinafter referred to as MC).


If it wasn’t for people in the military enthusiast circle, the first time I saw the news about “003” was probably a few days ago. But not as a news, but as a joke.

In a chat record shared on the Internet, a person was surprised to tell the group of friends that the pictures of the MC aircraft carrier model they made were passed around and eventually spread to the Internet, and some people actually believed it.


This picture also appeared in many domestic videos and media articles. It was placed next to the satellite image, with the text “No. 003 is about to be launched”, as if it was really taken as a real photo that was accidentally leaked.

So under the packaging of titles such as “the media mistakenly regard the game screen as the real screen”, netizens enjoyed a popular oolong, especially after the gimmick of “export to domestic sales” was embellished, everyone watched the excitement Enthusiasm is high.


This is not the first time such news. We have reported many times that “Armed Raid 3”, a war game with simulation as its selling point, has been used as an actual combat picture many times and has been mistakenly entered into the news of the current affairs channel.

In a 2018 documentary on the Russian news channel, the scene of “Armed Raid 3” was used in the paragraph about the war in Syria; in 2021, a scene titled “Afghan Panjshir Province was attacked by Pakistan Air Force” was also confirmed as The picture of the game; and a picture of a missile interceptor bomber in February this year were also widely circulated as a real picture of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

“乌克兰正在发射导弹拦截俄罗斯飞机” “Ukraine is firing missiles to intercept Russian planes”

But MC is different from “Armed Raid” after all. In this world with stylized blocks as the basic unit, simulation has never been a selling point. But even so, some people still believe that the aircraft carrier in the picture is a real shot. Even if someone points out the truth of this MC’s work, there are still hard-nosed people among domestic and foreign netizens.


For these netizens who believe it to be true, the supernova cluster Supernova is also speechless. This is a MC team from China, and the MC version of the aircraft carrier 003, the protagonist of this incident, is their work.

After completing the initial construction of the model, they sent screenshots of the model to several military fan groups and military fan forums, but they did not expect the pictures to spread around like this. Although there are not countless watermarks stacked like some emoticons and gradually turn green, the original high-definition picture quality has become more and more blurred, and the watermarks in the corners have disappeared.

From their point of view, in addition to the fact that the model can be recognized as a real picture, new developments such as “export to domestic sales” and “the media did not recognize it as fake” in the lively crowd of onlookers also made them have no choice.


“Flame” is the head of operations for the supernova cluster Supernova, and the protagonist in the chat record above. He never imagined that on this year’s ordinary Children’s Day when everyone was still obsessed with Duck, he would wake up with a bunch of bad things that made his workload increase sharply.

The team first discovered that things were getting outrageous, on June 1. They found that the MC version of the “No. 003 Launch” picture they made was spread all over the Internet, not only their logo was erased, but even the picture itself was about to cut off the relationship with the MC.

So the flames rushed to Weibo, official account, station B and other platforms to refute rumors, including some QQ groups and forums that military fans often wait for, and they also went to clarify one by one, “Their MC model is really using MC. made”.


At that time, the aircraft carrier No. 003 had not been officially launched, and the “most reliable” launch date was the upcoming June 3. So they finally hurriedly completed the initial construction of the aircraft carrier at the end of May, and then shared the just-rendered model pictures with the military fan community who were also looking forward to any news about it.

The images were sent out in high-definition quality, some with the humble team logo in the corner, and some without it at all. Their original intention was just to share their works and satisfy these “thirsty military fans” who had been hooked, so they didn’t pay much attention to watermarking, and they spread the word unexpectedly.

这张图片里的超大LOGO是他们事后补上的 The oversized logo in this picture was added after the fact

As for the spread to the Internet, it was even more unexpected for the flames. When a friend sent a screenshot to tell him the news, he not only unexpectedly spread the picture so far, but also unexpectedly some people in the comments believed that this was not an MC.

But there is still a long way to go from “export to domestic sales”. Except for this tweet sent by blogger RupprechtDeino, there are very few news with this picture on the Internet, and even fewer will take it seriously.

In fact, although the blogger failed to recognize the model from MC at the first time, he still stated in the first tweet that it was a “Lego-style CG picture”, emphasizing from beginning to end It’s not true. There is a very limited relationship between a large number of domestic dissemination and the external network. The latter is at most a condiment, adding fuel and vinegar to attract more onlookers.


But even if it deceived one or two people, it was not expected by the Supernova team. Regarding this matter, in addition to saying “silent”, the biggest emotion is to regret that “I knew that the chat record could be transmitted so far, so I put the link of the video on it.”

The video refers to the video of the MC aircraft carrier model they rushed to make on June 2, which was not originally in their plan. But in order to refute the rumors more convincingly, they still made a video in one day to show their MC aircraft carrier more comprehensively, and put on a more eye-catching “pre-view reminder”.


This is not only to refute the truth of the rumors and pictures, but also to shut up some comments that always like to talk about “50W”. Due to the particularity of the military-industrial circle, both enthusiasts and related media should be cautious when sharing information.

It is precisely because of the special nature of this field that they have different views on the rhetoric that “the media uses fake pictures to publish news”.


“Xinghe” is the leader of the Supernova military industry team, which is one of the six branches of the entire Supernova team. The team members are basically composed of military fans.

In their opinion, the No. 003 aircraft carrier, as my country’s first aircraft carrier with an electromagnetic catapult device, is of historical significance and cannot be missed, so the idea of ​​making an MC model for it came into being.

Under the leadership of Xinghe, a total of 3 members started this one-and-a-half-month-long project in April. Prior to this, the work of the military industry group has been recognized by many authorities in the circle, and there are also many cooperation with the official media. But this is the first time that an unofficial project has been restored.


There are not many materials they can use as a reference, and many details can only be estimated and inferred by themselves. Relying on the not clear satellite image to determine the long size of the aircraft carrier, I used the Reuters photos taken by military fans through regular channels to determine the approximate location of some equipment. The details such as the layout of deck weapons and the coating of the ship’s surface that cannot be found can only be deduced by the design rules of the previous Chinese naval ships.

Although this may sound quite different from the actual aircraft carrier, Xinghe seems quite confident in the degree of restoration of their works.

Maybe it’s because they are using MC to completely reproduce the map of our country’s naval ships, and he is very familiar with the rules in his mouth, so for the “brain supplement” part, he also “thinks that it should not be much different from the real thing, and there will be differences in details, but it should be not much”.

After an average of 400 hours of hard work by the three crew members, their MC version of the 003 aircraft carrier was finally completed at the end of May. Although their construction is aimed at restoring as much as possible, they never thought that one day they could be as real as the real ones. After all, even with the amazing size of this aircraft carrier, it can’t hide the essence of the MC world with blocks as the smallest unit. .

他们根据当时已有的信息,推测这艘航母会被命名为“江苏舰” Based on the information available at the time, they speculated that the aircraft carrier would be named “Jiangsu Ship”

It is nothing new that military fans like to spend money on the details of armament, so in various works of military themes, simulation is always one of the most attractive selling points. But needless to mention the sensitivity of this field, all selling points need to take a step back, the red line that is always there is the most important.

Although there are some “War Thunder” players who have crossed the line because of being honest with the production team and leaking national military secrets, but generally speaking, everyone is careful not to touch the minefields of various countries before they start to be realistic about the details. Therefore, in the reports of many military projects that have not been officially released, many media will choose to use CG pictures to replace the real pictures or satellite pictures that may be risky.

Supernova在转发最多的一条微博下的评论 Supernova’s comment under the most forwarded Weibo

When Xinghe was making MC models and keeping watch on the news of the 003 aircraft carrier, many of the pictures he had seen in related reports were also CG, and these CG screenshots could not tell the truth at a glance. It’s just that he didn’t expect that the pictures of his own models could one day be mixed in with the help of high-definition image quality.

Except for a small number of accounts that have been confused by moving around, many of them use their MC models as pictures, and most of them use these pictures as a schematic diagram that is better than nothing, which Xinghe understands very well. On the contrary, the fact that the watermarks were removed from these pictures surprised him even more. But considering the enthusiasm of domestic military fans for 003, he also expressed his understanding.

It’s just that these sudden and bad things are nothing to do today, because No. 003, which they have been thinking about day and night, is finally officially announced.


Just this morning, the No. 003, which has been rumored to be launched, finally officially held a launching naming ceremony as my country’s third aircraft carrier.


Different from the “Jiangsu Ship” previously guessed by Xinghe, the aircraft carrier was finally named “Fujian Ship”, but this little episode did not affect his excitement and joy at all. After taking a good look at the true face of this giant, he and his team members will continue to devote themselves to modifying the existing model.

In the initial plan, they decided to make a model that is closest to the real thing based on the existing data. After the official announcement of various data, they will slowly modify the model to restore what they want. The last step is Make a video to show. Even in the jagged “Minecraft”, MC players have not given up their obsession with details as military fans.

也没忘记吐槽用了“叠词词”的福建舰 I didn’t forget to complain about the Fujian ship that used “repetitive words”

As for the Oolong incident that ended with the official launch of the Fujian ship, the biggest gain of the entire Supernova military team may be that a larger and more obvious image watermark must be added.

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