Beijing: Capital universities are key locations for epidemic prevention and control, and closed management must be strictly in place

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 Titanium Media APP reported on May 22 that at the 342nd press conference on Beijing’s epidemic prevention and control work, Xu Hejian, spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Government, said that the current cluster of epidemics such as Yuegezhuang Market in Fengtai District and Haidian District, Fengtai District The sporadic cases in the society found in the screening of Dongcheng District, Dongcheng District and other districts have increased the uncertainty and risk of epidemic prevention and control in Beijing, and the epidemic prevention and control situation in the capital is severe and complicated. It is necessary to further strengthen the social epidemic prevention and control work strictly and comprehensively, and fully implement the home office requirements from May 22 to May 28 in key areas such as Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Fengtai District, Fangshan District, and Shunyi District. Other districts will further Reduce the arrival rate and reduce personnel turnover. Home office focuses on staying at home. Units and individuals must fulfill their responsibilities for epidemic prevention, so that the society can truly "quiet" and "slow down", block the chain of virus transmission as soon as possible, and make concerted efforts to realize the dynamic clearing of the society as soon as possible. In addition, capital universities are the key parts of epidemic prevention and control, and closed management must be strictly in place. All colleges and universities should implement their main responsibilities, strictly and strictly implement epidemic prevention work, and implement epidemic prevention measures to every point and every person; teachers and counselors should go to students to do a good job in student work; make good use of school doctors to do a good job. Good nucleic acid testing and health monitoring.

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