Beishui bought Tencent over HK$800 million and sold Meituan for over HK$1.1 billion; Nanshui swept over HK$11.6 billion and continued to increase its positions in Kweichow Moutai

On June 10, Southbound funds bought a net HK$3.711 billion today. Tencent Holdings, Kuaishou-W and CNOOC received net purchases of HK$841 million, HK$565 million and HK$315 million respectively. Meituan-W topped the list with net sales of HK$1.111 billion.


The net purchase of northbound funds exceeded 11.6 billion yuan today, and the fourth time in the past month has exceeded 10 billion yuan. In the past ten consecutive days, the cumulative net purchase has exceeded 66 billion yuan.

Kweichow Moutai, Yili Co., Ltd. and Industrial Bank received net purchases of 2.133 billion yuan, 847 million yuan, and 418 million yuan respectively. Among them, Kweichow Moutai was a net buy for ten consecutive days.

The net sales of Salt Lake shares topped the list, with an amount of 1.061 billion yuan.



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