(Benbaby’s bitter and) long Canadian road test history

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Before I was ready to come to Canada, friends from all walks of life advised me to take the driver’s license test in China first, saying that it was expensive to practice driving abroad, and after the domestic test, I could go out and change things. I happened to be free at the time, so I signed up for a driving school in Hangzhou. First, I came to the conclusion: RMB 5,000 was a waste. The coach arranged by the driving school is a middle-aged and elderly man who likes to scold people. He takes three people to practice driving together at a time. They set off at six o’clock in the morning and go out of the city to practice straight lines, reversing and cornering repeatedly on a playground.

After a few practice sessions, the coach stopped for two weeks, and then I went to Guangdong to say goodbye to my friends. The driving experience ended with a very poor experience and nothing.

After arriving in Canada, at first I made up my mind not to learn to drive. In fact, the urban transportation in Toronto can still be used. I live in a house, and I really don’t see the need to drive in the short term. In 2019, I followed parkbus to some nature reserves or small towns outside the city to play, and found that there are quite a few interesting places outside Toronto. At that time, I was settled down and I was not busy with work, so I thought about taking another test.

The various Toronto driving schools found in 2019 are not expensive, and the coaches drive directly on the road one-on-one. At that time, I even saw 800 CAD packages (from the written test to the G2 road test) (but I will look for it in 2021.) There is no more, probably the road test in Ontario makes the driving school find out that it will lose money!), most driving schools recommend 10-20 hours of practice + test vehicles. The full set is almost 1000+ CAD. After asking clearly, I will Went for the written test. According to the requirements of Ontario, after passing the written test, it takes one year (which can be shortened to eight months if the driving school provides a certificate of teaching) before taking the G2 road test, which has been delayed until covid-19.

The ordinary driver’s license in Ontario Province is divided into three levels. After passing the written test, it is a G1 card. You can drive on the road but there are time periods. You can also use the driver’s license as an ID in daily life. After passing the first road test, it is G2. Drive for 10-15 minutes, and may include various turns and parking in the middle. There are only a few restrictions after the G2 license (for example, everyone must wear seat belts = =); after one year of getting G2, you can take the G test, and now the G test is generally on the highway , to check whether you are proficient in driving.

After covid-19, driving schools were basically unable to operate, and they will not resume until mid-2021. I contacted a nearby driving school. The first time I practiced driving, I went straight to the road, and I was very apprehensive—an important reason for hesitating whether or not to learn to drive before was that I was extremely distracted. This won’t cause a tragedy on sidewalks and driveways, and it’s hard to say if you switch to higher-speed tools.

Learning to drive was an explosion of two problems in my life that I have noticed and solved in other work and life matters: inability to concentrate and erratic memory.

There are a few times when I can concentrate, such as reading a favorite book, when I am more involved in coding, other times I almost get up and walk around in ~10 minutes. Maybe when you stand up, you are ready to drink water, but when you go out and see that the clothes are not washed, you will start washing the clothes, then take out the garbage, or row the rowing machine for 5 minutes, and then return to the table after a while when you are thirsty and find that you have not poured water, I went out to pour water again; I poured the water and made an account in front of another computer. During the accounting process, I found that I had to scan the invoice, and I started to sort out the invoice again…

Because I am too forgetful and unable to concentrate, I also write some small checklists for myself in addition to GTD, and often check whether I have forgotten something (but I still forget, maybe I remember it when I read it, and I forget it when I stand up) For example, if there is ABCDEFG on the checklist, I will start polling each item of ABCDEFG for 5-10 minutes, which is a bit like the multi-threading mechanism of a single-core CPU. Distractions are difficult to improve, but they can be spread evenly across the many important things at ABCDEFG, and can even create a very efficient impression as a result.

After the coach took me to practice driving a few times, I found that all the content I learned at the end of the last driving practice was completely lost in the second class. There is no writing to the hard disk, and as soon as the practice is over, it seems that the machine is powered off and everything in the memory disappears.

It is better to solve the problem that the learning content is not permanent to the hard disk. I came back and watched some instructional videos, and memorized the steps of the legendary error-prone projects such as Parallel Parking (parallel parking) and Three Point Turn (three-point U-turn). Figure out where each step starts and ends. It is more troublesome to lose focus. I try to control the time for practice driving, and increase the rest and supplies in the middle to ensure that I am in a relatively good state for the 20 minutes of the test.

Maybe it’s because I learned well about parking and three-point U-turn… The coach felt that I was driving well, so I started the road test.

Then it hung up twice in North York.

Several friends suggested that I change the test room instead of taking the test in the city where the road is complicated and the waiting time is long. However, if it is too far away, it will be troublesome to take the test and practice driving (you have to be familiar with the road shape once), so I changed to Oshawa, which has a moderate distance. Considering my own situation, I suggested to the coach to practice more different routes, so as to avoid my short-term confusion when the examiner suddenly changed the route. The instructor also made me drive the highway a few times to and from Oshawa…and then I failed two more times at the Oshawa exam room.

Next is the Canadian road test attack time, that is, the examiner’s judgment is very subjective at some times, and these subjective standards of different examiners may also fight each other. I understand that it makes sense for the road test to be stricter, let’s put less road killers out, but it’s so strict that you can’t wait to use a ruler and a stopwatch to measure your every move during the test, regardless of whether you really understand how to drive on any road section.

For example, in a neighborhood where the speed limit alternates between 30km/h and 40km/h, there are one way stops and all way stops and the road between turns and stops is very short. In such a section, assuming you drive without serious errors, you may still encounter the following deductions:

  1. If you hit the accelerator to 40km/h after turning, you have to step on the brakes to ensure that you can stop at the next STOP – Late in Stopping;
  2. Cars are often parked on the side of the road in the community. If you keep driving at 40km/h, the avoidance is not smooth enough – Too close;
  3. Drive at 30km/h to ensure a smoother driving on this road – Speed ​​too slow.

There is also a left turn at the intersection. There is a car coming from the opposite road, and there are other cars behind your car. You wait for the opposite car to finish driving, but at this time another car comes a little farther on the opposite road:

  1. Judging that the car is far away, I have enough time to turn left and turn – there may be an examiner for dangerous driving;
  2. Wait until the car is gone – an examiner may think you’re blocking a car behind you.

I asked the coach what to do, the coach said make your judgment based on real-time road conditions and execute it quickly – the problem is that your judgment is not necessarily the same as the examiner.

The above may come from different examiners, and if it comes from one examiner, it is schizophrenia.

Another example is the observation of pedestrians, which still comes from my road test: I waited for several waves of cars when I was about to turn right, and finally the cars disappeared. When I was about to turn right, the pedestrian on the far left started to prepare to cross the road… Pedestrians One foot on the road, at least three lanes away from me, and it only takes a second for me to turn right. The examiner slammed on the brakes extremely seriously, followed by balabala with me and looked like I didn’t know what to observe and ignored pedestrians and was about to kill someone, saying, “I will release the brakes when this person passes, and you will continue to drive”, and the report is here. just failed me.

After the exam, the examiner also poured chicken soup with me, saying you really don’t drive bad, but pedestrians deserve more patience! They are lives! I thought I had torn up a few lives, and then told me Please don’t give up…… Later, I chatted with the Korean guy in the group. He immigrated to Canada when he was a child, and went to the United States after graduating from college. I told him that I just passed a road test. As soon as I described the scene, the Korean guy laughed wildly. : Did he immediately step on the brakes for you and teach you that it is dangerous driving, the same reason I failed the road test in Canada (the examiners are still very stable on this issue.)

In order to prevent me from repeating the same mistakes, the coach before the road test today observed vehicles, pedestrians, waiting for pedestrians and vehicles on the way to the test room according to the test examiner’s standards. After hanging up a few times, I often observe the driving of other vehicles on the road. I feel that half of the cars will be hung up when they are pulled into the road test. As a result, the coach said: When you have a driver’s license, you can also drive like this…

ANYWAY I didn’t encounter any moths on the road today (and there were very few points deductions), which temporarily ended my hard road test history. Consider buying a car next spring and delivering takeaways after get off work (I don’t want to spend oil and money to train my own car, if I don’t make money from takeaways, at least I don’t need to pay for it), and I will take the G license test when the time is up.

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