BESTORE’s moon cakes were exposed to eat plastic, the company apologizes: a special inspection is being carried out


On September 11, a woman bought moon cakes from BESTORE on a takeaway platform, but she ate plastic. On September 12, BESTORE issued a situation statement, saying that it was concerned about the media reports about consumer complaints about “plastic foreign objects” in BESTORE’s moon cakes and apologized… BESTORE said that after receiving complaints from customers on September 11, the company’s first Communicate with customers in a timely manner and actively promote the settlement of customer complaints. The customer is satisfied with the company’s solution, and has sent the product back to the store where it was purchased to assist the company for further investigation… The quality inspector preliminarily concluded that it may be caused by the mixing of the packaging when the filling was opened. Currently, a special inspection for this incident is underway. In the follow-up, the survey results will also be synchronized with the customer.
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