Haval Chitu was exposed to the car paint burst, the owner issued a collective statement requesting 10 repairs to pay 20,000 yuan


Recently, some Haval Chitu car owners collectively complained to the complaint website, claiming that the paint of the Haval Chitu car they purchased had obvious bulging and wrinkling problems. The car owner found that there are a lot of soft bulges in the car paint, and there are also paint peeling and bulging on the hood… Great Wall issued a notice saying that it will actively invite users who give feedback to stop for inspection and maintenance; for vehicles with paint problems, carry out maintenance Guarantee and give a lifetime warranty on the paint surface, etc… However, the response of Great Wall Motors did not meet the demands of all car owners. Some owners of Haval Chitu issued a collective statement and put forward new demands on Great Wall Motors. Including: 1. Free lifetime warranty for the entire car paint and sheet metal problems caused by car paint and nationwide joint warranty; 2. 10 free maintenance times; 3. Compensation for the loss of car price due to quality defects and compensation for the main repair 10,000 yuan or equivalents for lost work expenses and travel expenses while driving. 4. The 4S shop must test the vehicle and issue a report; 5. The manufacturer publicly releases an official compensation announcement.
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