Big game companies are fighting fiercely for the Spring Festival stalls: Tencent attracts more than 450 million yuan, and Netease party games dominate the list

The Spring Festival file of the Year of the Rabbit ushered in a good start, and game manufacturers are also keeping an eye on the Spring Festival file. Ten games including Tencent’s “Honor of Kings”, “Peace Elite”, “Cross Fire”, and “League of Legends Mobile Games” entered the top 30 games in the Spring Festival game revenue rankings, with a total revenue of 67.5318 million US dollars (459 million yuan), accounting for more than 60%. Far ahead of other manufacturers. From the perspective of downloads, Netease’s self-developed party game “Egg Party” released in May 2022 is the biggest winner of the 2023 game Spring Festival file. As of January 29, this game has dominated the free list of the Apple Store for 7 consecutive days and the game list for 34 days. | Related reading (Times Finance)

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Judging from the statistics of the game market during the Spring Festival this year, it seems that compared with previous years, the market structure has not changed in any general direction. Tencent and Netease are still going to occupy half of the country. Tencent relies on the two old games of King of Glory and Peace Elite. Netease, except for the egg party, is also on the list of old games.

From this pattern, it may be seen that for Tencent and Netease, games are still the “hen that lays the golden eggs” of these two major manufacturers, but presumably both Tencent and Netease know that, perhaps due to version number restrictions, or due to the company’s Internal problems, no phenomenal new games have been developed in the past two years, which is a hidden worry for these two game giants.

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