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  • “Government is often seen as the biggest beneficiary of inflation, why? 1. Nominal debt is fixed, real debt falls. 2. Tax revenue increases. 3. The interest burden on fixed-rate debt is reduced. (Hence), inflation is called Taxation without representation because: 1. Inflation is a hidden tax. Inflation causes the real purchasing power of consumers and businesses to decrease, but they may not be directly aware of this. The transfer of wealth in this way is equivalent to a tax, But there is no formal legislative process. 2. Using inflation to collect taxes can be opaque. The effects of inflation are more hidden than direct taxes or fees. Many people may not understand that their purchasing power is being eroded, especially in When inflation is low. 3. Using inflation to collect taxes does not require legislation. The government can affect inflation indirectly through monetary policy or fiscal policy (such as increasing the money supply or debt) without going through the traditional tax legislation process. Managing Inflation “Maintaining price stability is the main responsibility of the central bank. Whether the central bank can do this job well depends on whether and how much independence it has relative to the government.”
  • “Puhua never expected during his lifetime that a sect of Japan’s Rinzai sect would actually regard him as the originator – named Puhua sect. Puhua sect was founded by Zen master Xindi Juexin, which uses light and darkness to play the flute. For its purpose, it is also called the Wushu Sect.”
  • “The Two Immortals of Hehe, also known as the Two Saints of Hehe, are the gods in charge of peace and joy. They are the collective names of two famous monks, Shide and Hanshan.”
  • Self-nature and self-control
  • So does the legend of Journey to the West come from the Tan Sutra?
  • Self-nature and mind ape are indeed a perfect match
  • “The name of right view is born in the world, and wrong view is in the world; all wrong and right views are eliminated, and the bodhi nature is intact.”


  • “The confusion of self-nature is sentient beings, the awareness of self-nature is Buddha. Compassion is Avalokitesvara, joy and equanimity are called potentials, being able to be pure is Sakyamuni, and being upright is Amitabha.”
  • Gamification, Pinduoduo and Duolingo
  • Korea is really out of the Northeast hahaha…watching The Great Escape is like watching my classmate as a guest…


  • In the deathly silence of Beijing, the express train driver was cursing and saying that there were no tickets for the tourist attractions.
  • The 35 yuan purple clay teapot is quite good.
  • Another chef said that there were no stops for orders all day long, and there was no traffic jam.
  • Fulian was so moved when she saw the funeral…
  • “As long as the structural design is reasonable, backward parts can be built into advanced equipment. From this, an effect was born: the MiG-25 effect. It means that if the internal structure of a perfect combination of rationality and coordination will produce a whole An effect that is greater than the sum of its parts.”
  • Maintain equal and collaborative relationships and avoid falling into power and control relationships.



  • It seems that GPT can really become one of the tools for discovering one’s own nature.
  • Many people speak Chinese but think in English
  • Infinite Finite Game: Open World; Finite Infinite Game: Game Jam
  • After reading the Tantra Sutra and The Game of Finite and Infinite, I felt that this book was a bit too much.
  • Why can Infinite Games still be named?
  • Turning off all notifications with one click will be the best feature of your phone


  • Funny, so funny
  • “If the silence of nature is where the possibility of language lies, then language is where the possibility of history lies.”
  • “No one and no culture can be understood as a manufactured product, but can only be learned as a creation.”
  • The triumph of smart devices creates endless losers
  • “Those who look for differences everywhere, those who see the earth as their source, those who praise the genius in others, those who are ready for anything, fearful of nothing, waiting only for surprise, are like gardeners.”
  • “The fertility of the northeastern plains gave the ethnic groups outside the pass the opportunity to learn farming, and also gave them a place to experiment and establish a stable dynasty. The ancestors of the Tuoba clan of Xianbei in the Northern Wei Dynasty were born here; the Khitan who established the Liao Kingdom came out; and they were nurtured By overthrowing the Jurchen Jin Dynasty in the Northern Song Dynasty, he also contributed to Genghis Khan who swept across Europe and Asia, and finally brought the Qing Empire to the Chinese people.”
  • Finite games aim at fame, infinite games aim at permanence.


  • Fortunately, young people hope that the older generation will die

“Thirty Letters to Qiu Jiawa”

  • Life chooses to continue itself because if it continues, life will become more and more complex and advanced. We who have been advanced to this day can look back at the way we came and look at the way forward.
  • When you are patient, you are a communicator who pays attention to the other person, and you can truly convey the kindness of communication. This kind of kindness will radiate the energy of encouragement, make the person you communicate with more approachable, and make them no longer indifferent. So it is very important to be a warm person. Being warm to others means being warm to yourself.
  • Don’t try to leave the present, but develop your existence and realize the value of your existence through creative actions now. Bear the pain and intensity now, as well as the hope and imagination now.
  • We come to this world not to compete, but to live and create. The only competition in life and creation is actually ourselves. Those who can live and create incredibly well under limited conditions, exhausting and exceeding their own potential, are the real winners. In this sense, we pay tribute to all outliers who seem to have failed in the competition for worldly goals, even if they live on the streets, even if they do not go to college. Society must create conditions for losers so that they have room to win dignity.
  • Balance is a good thing, but if it’s too balanced, nothing will change. Why balance? Because imbalance can capsize the ship. But what’s wrong with capsizing? Anyway, I fell so many times while riding a horse that I didn’t fall to death. Isn’t it necessary to fall repeatedly to learn balance? The purpose of practicing repeatedly is to avoid falling on the battlefield or in competitions, so this kind of practice is a kind of cultivation. If one doesn’t know what imbalance is, how can one understand how to find balance? Therefore, people with particularly strong balance ability are trained. They throw themselves into imbalance and practice repeatedly to achieve balance.
  • Although we ordinary people cannot take external honors and disgrace seriously, we should at least not overreact to these forces that come from the outside and shake our hearts, especially not to react immediately. When something good comes, hold it in for a while and let it go before announcing it. Don’t let yourself be too happy. If something bad happens, if it is not an emergency that needs to be dealt with, you can put it aside for a while. Don’t be affected by it and become sad immediately. If you are too happy, it is necessary to pour a basin of cold water on yourself; if you are too depressed, it is also necessary to think of a little trick to encourage yourself. …
  • In fact, people can actively control their emotions. I have tried it. When you are not in a good mood, deliberately take long strides and walk, and your mood will improve as you walk. Sports, physical labor and other things that make people sweat can regulate emotions, so we have arranged a lot of sports for you. Activities that require concentration, such as writing calligraphy, knitting, making pottery, chopping firewood for cooking, etc., can calm your mind. Anyway, my own way of creating a calm breakwater for myself is to write calligraphy…
  • I will not let others influence me and will remain calm. If I appear to be uncalm, I am actually acting unpeaceful. I am really good at pretending to be upset to make the other person feel guilty, change their attitude towards me, and then solve the problem. So I am very suitable to be an actor.
  • In fact, these things (labels) given to us are not our definitions, but the raw materials we can use to build a new self; our mission is to use these materials, coupled with imagination and hard work, to construct Refreshingly yourself . People cannot define you based on these limitations, because you are a human being, and a human being is a plan. People build plans with imagination, driven by dreams, ambitions, and ideals. These processes reflect human identity. …Man will do things beyond his instincts and status.
  • What you get is an attitude, and this attitude is: to keep creating, to create in different ways, because creation is the only reality . With the desire to create and the method of creation, a person can break through the outdated definitions and overcome various psychological suggestions. Creation means constant judgment, constant choice, and constant transcendence of judgment.
  • The title of this painting is “The more you consume, the more you get.” But the text written on the picture is “You have to use consumption to nourish yourself.” This quote comes from Joseph Beuys, a German artist who has had a great influence on me. His original words were: “I nourish myself with consumption.” I don’t know the context in which Beuys said this sentence. I just like this sentence for no reason. The first time I heard it, I was inexplicably moved. I was deeply moved by it, and I think it must be related to something original about myself.
  • …I was very emotional at that time. In fact, children are born to understand art. People need to get rid of clichés, that is, they need to be creative and express themselves in new ways. In the final analysis, they are “tired of saying the same old words”, so they want to reinvent themselves.
  • Connections between people are important, as is respecting the independence of others.
  • Wawa, look, isn’t this just thinking like a child? Seeing another dimension of things, instead of thinking deeply, but flipping the perspective, suddenly found that the sky can be torn off a piece, revealing the layer of sky behind the sky. When we stand in this courtyard, we can feel the different eras layer by layer underground.
  • Look at the spring outside our window right now. The temperature is rising silently, and the flowers are all blooming. “Sneaking into the night with the wind, moisturizing things silently.” This is the power of gentleness. When the most powerful force becomes irresistible, changes will occur every moment unknowingly, like the change of seasons, like day and night. This is a revelation from nature. Human nature is probably the same. When a person lacks confidence, he will be worried and irritable, worry about gains and losses, shout hysterically, and take violent measures. Therefore, violence shows people’s nervousness and guilty conscience. The way of violence is actually to use offense as defense. It looks aggressive, but in fact, it is very scared and full of defense inside. When you have very strong strength, you are full of confidence, you can understand your own strength, and you will be calm and patient. When you need to promote some kind of change, you will use your power with restraint, speak to others pleasantly, and show gentleness.
  • It can also be said that after gaining strong strength first, you can face everything with gentleness. As for how to gain strong strength, it depends on accumulation, learning, innovation, and cooperation; and a gentle attitude itself is also a way to gain strength.
    In a sense, once a person has gained enough strength, he can treat things gently, whether it is with enemies or friends, with others or with himself. To your enemies, use gentleness to defeat them; to your friends, use gentleness to support them; to yourself, use gentleness to expand your room for growth.
  • Mr. Lu Xun said something I like very much: “Despair is false, just like hope.” Despair is false, just like hope is false. So what do we do? Do not have unrealistic hopes and motivate yourself randomly, nor be controlled by hypothetical despair and do nothing, do positive things with a detached mood.
  • The American architect Louis Kahn had an interesting saying. He said that when a building is being built, it is full of life and enthusiasm. Once the building is built and humans move in and use it, the building becomes boring. And when the building is abandoned and humans leave, the building gradually turns into ruins, and weeds will invade again. It will become a paradise for plants again, and the building will become full of life again.

Finite and Infinite Games

  • Infinite Finite Game: Open World; Finite Infinite Game: Game Jam
  • Why can Infinite Games still be named?
  • “Evil is the end of the infinite game” is an interesting sentence.
  • “Every step taken by the participants of the infinite game is towards the horizon, and every step taken by the participants of the finite game is within the boundary. Therefore, every moment of the infinite game provides a new horizon and a series of New possibilities. Like all genius cultural phenomena, the Renaissance did not aim at developing one vision or another; it sought to find horizons and to generate more horizons. Those who live within horizons People are never settled somewhere, but are always on the road.” (This is really spiritual practice)
  • “It is the genius among us who knows that the past must be the past, and therefore it is not forever sealed away but always open to creative reinterpretation.”
  • “Those who have to participate in the game cannot participate wholeheartedly.” The same goes for going to work…those who have to work cannot really work.
  • “Explanation solves the problem, telling us that things had to end the way they did; narrative raises the question, telling us that things ended the way they did, not because they had to. Explanation shelved the need for further inquiry; narrative invites us Reflect on what you think you know.”
  • “If the silence of nature is where the possibility of language lies, then language is where the possibility of history lies.”
  • “To lose the competition is to become obedient, and to become obedient is to lose one’s listener . The silence of obedience is a silence that is not heard. It is the silence of death. Demanding obedience is essentially evil. ”
  • “No one and no culture can be understood as a manufactured product, but can only be learned as a creation.”
  • “Of course, when we operate a machine, the machine does not turn us into machines. Rather, in order to operate the machine, we turn ourselves into machines. The machine does not steal spontaneity from us, but we ourselves transform it into machines. Spontaneity is thrown aside and originality is denied. There is nothing personal about operating a machine. The more efficient the machine is, the more our uniqueness is limited or absorbed into its operation.”
  • “When the machine is working well, it is not there, but neither are we. Radio and movies enable us to go to places where we are, and to leave where we are. And the machine is the screen, which obscures our inaction. Hidden in actions that seem astonishingly efficient. We convince ourselves that, sitting comfortably in our cars, protected from any inclement weather, we can travel somewhere just by raising our feet a foot or two . This kind of journey is not our journey in a strange space, but the coming and going in a space that belongs to us. We never leave the starting point, but leave with our starting point.”
  • The triumph of smart devices creates endless losers
  • “The most fundamental difference between a machine and a garden is that a machine is driven by external forces, whereas a garden grows naturally and derives its energy from itself.
    If man’s indifference to nature led to the creation of machines, then the indifference of nature itself gave rise to gardens. All cultures have their garden forms…
    Gardeners celebrate variety, distinctiveness, and spontaneity. They know that the richness of style is conducive to vitality. For example, the more complex a soil’s organic matter is—that is, the more sources of variation it has—the richer it is. Growth promotes growth. “
  • “It is in the garden that we discover what true travel is. We do not travel in a garden, but in the way of a garden.
    True travel has no destination. Travelers do not go somewhere, but always find themselves somewhere else. The garden does not suppress the indifference of nature, but enhances people’s spontaneity to respond to nature’s “arrogant” weirdness and unpredictability. Therefore, we no longer see nature as a series of changing scenes, but as ourselves. Think of yourself as someone who is always on the road.
    Nature does not change. It has no inside or outside. Therefore, our travels cannot be through nature. All travel, then, is a transformation within the traveler himself, and it is for this reason that the traveler always lives elsewhere. Travel is growth. “
  • “Those who look for differences everywhere, those who see the earth as their source, those who praise the genius in others, those who are ready for anything, fearful of nothing, waiting only for surprise, are like gardeners.”
  • “When we understand ourselves as origin, we also understand nature as origin. When we understand that our self-origin cannot be stated as a fact, and therefore we cannot be explained, we at the same time give up explaining nature. effort. When we see ourselves as the natural other, we see that the otherness of nature is irreducible.”
  • Finite games aim at fame, infinite games aim at permanence.
  • “The participants in the infinite game are not serious actors in any story, but poets of pleasure. This story goes on forever and has no end.”


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