Bilibili Game International Payment (Alipay + PayPal) Experience Diary

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哔哩哔哩游戏 国际支付体验日记


Due to the incompatibility between the IOS and Android login data of Mala Chicken Huixian, the Android version is preferred for the simulator to play, so I accidentally discovered that the Bilibili game supports PayPal payment, so I came to experience it.

However, the time of the first PP payment cannot be verified. It is known that an official development is to suspend PP payment in early 2021.

Bilibili game payment channel

Currently on Android, Bilibili Games supports Alipay (and Huabei), WeChat and PayPal payments

after testing

  1. Alipay supports Chinese mainland credit cards, international cards, Huabei
  2. WeChat does not support international cards, but supports credit cards from mainland China
  3. PayPal supports USD, HKD, TWD

I have to say that this time, my uncle is indeed at the forefront of domestic games, which greatly facilitates overseas Chinese and overseas students. Uncle, I like money the most.

Alipay international card payment


Just like regular usage, you can choose it directly, the same small amount is free, more than 200 do not know

PayPal International Card Payment

It should be noted that US dollars, Hong Kong dollars, and Taiwan dollars are provided, but British pounds, Singapore dollars, euros and other currencies are not provided.

I only used US dollars, and the merchant is Shanghai Kuanyu Digital Technology Co., Ltd. ( [email protected] )

It is estimated that it is a different currency set in the mainland enterprise version of PayPal

The billing merchant name is “PAYPAL *KUANYUSHUMA”

Bilibili does not use a real-time exchange rate, but a fixed 1USD=6.67CNY

Under the USD channel of the Discover card, the transaction in the United States is displayed as shown in the figure, but this address is PP’s own address, which may be cross-currency, or the card organization is such a merchant

At this time, the merchant classification is VIDEO GAME ARCADES / ESTABLISHMENTS

Other card organizations may behave inconsistently, the transaction method is manual entry


The data at the pp is shown in the figure, which can display the purchased content




PP risk control and the need for login verification every time are very troublesome

For example, I haven’t bought a few times today, so I’m risk-controlled.


Then the result is that if you don’t pay, the new bound card will not work. At the same time, it also exposes the PP to save the cards you added but removed (including the card number, may not include the security code)

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