Blockchain, go to the center, why have you ever set your sights on the king? Implement blockchain technology in Go language, and understand blockchain in seconds through Golang

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Blockchain technology is not an advanced concept. It is not more difficult to understand than quantum mechanics, Pauli exclusion principle, and Goldbach’s conjecture. . The blockchain is actually a set of methodology for coordinating organizational records, or more accurately, a “decentralized” organizational structure system. Decentralization As we all know, any company, organization, or institution follows the same set of organizational principles, that is, the principle of “subordinates obey superiors, and the minority obeys the majority”. For blockchain technology, only the second half of this principle is followed, that is, “the minority obeys the majority”, and there is no “subordinate obeys the superior”. Furthermore, in the blockchain, there is no concept of “superior” at all. What is “superior”? On a cargo ship sailing in the sea, there must be a captain, and among the lions wandering on the African savannah, there must be…

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