Blue Sky, Jam and Witnesses

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Denying everything is stupid, but denying most probably isn’t.

The evaluation of literature and art is probably mainly subjective in terms of the personal dimension, because it is no different from hobbies, and what you like is personal freedom. However, in terms of their respective divisions and their historical dimensions, there must be objective standards for the quality of works.

I often wonder, does a work that is popular with the public have to be good? Some people will think that their performance has a large audience and a lot of income, but I think this can only show that it is good in business, but in terms of artistry, if it is measured by audience and income, it really can’t make people convince. I’m not some old-fashioned vindicator, but I just think it’s better to separate artistic value and commercial value.

I haven’t listened to Chinese songs for many years. As I said at the beginning, I didn’t deny everything. I just felt that I was a little old. Only a faint trace remains. It’s time to have a deep look, even if it’s an empty soul, pretend it’s okay. However, high-level people still prefer shallowness, so as to keep them floating in the sky.

I haven’t listened to J-POP for a long time, and I’m aesthetically fatigued. No matter which mosquito it is, it seems to be humming in the same tone, which is a torment to the ears. I haven’t learned that much about J-POP, but some say it’s dead.

I’m not a professional. In my opinion, a song is made up of three parts – the lyrics, the song and the singer, the most important of which is the song, which doesn’t need much explanation. The subtlety of the song, a layman like me can’t express it, and can only feel it subjectively, but anyone can interpret the meaning of the words.

Whether it is a composer or a lyricist, they all want to express something when they create, but they are different because of the difference in level. There may also be production factories, which can create batches in a fixed pattern to maximize commercial profits.

The creation of words belongs to literature rather than music. The Nobel Prize in Literature awarded to Bob Dylan is an example, although the winner himself disdains it.

In my opinion, “Blue Sky” is a masterpiece of “Trinity”. It is Masari Mashima’s call for democracy and affirmative action. It is relatively straightforward:

Birth ま れ た や skin や や の color

いったいこのServant’s がわかるというのだろう

The lyrics refer to the slaughter of the Indians:

ブラウン tube’s side

カッコつけた cavalry が


And the Free Rider movement in the Black American movement:



ok き first ならどこでもいい

“JAM” is also a very good work, and has a European and American heavy metal style. The chaos of the times and personal struggles are vividly and delicately displayed in the lyrics. The point of the title seems to be alluding to war – the guy who smeared the world with bright red jam and eaten it.


Eat べようとする slaves

The last lyric is thought-provoking, a plane crashed abroad, and the announcer happily said that there were no Japanese among the passengers:

Foreign flight plane crashed

Passenger に Japanese はいませんでした


“The Eyewitness” really has nothing to praise in terms of music, but its words are very meaningful, and it writes about the June 4th Incident and the attitude foreigners should have towards it. Be a witness , do not let this history be forgotten.

When I went to a live talk show by chance, I wondered why they always talk about some boring trivia, maybe this is a performance paradigm, maybe they can only talk about themselves like me, maybe there is an insurmountable red line. I never doubt the creative ability of the Chinese, but there is no hope for relying on imprisoned brains, shackled hands, and degraded audiences (readers).

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