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It is rare for the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day to meet on the same day. Yesterday, I went shopping with my family. There were very few passers-by in the bustling and prosperous Xinmin in the past, and the crowded congestion disappeared. There are scattered crowds on the street, and the shops facing the street are only the milk tea shop with more people, and the others are very deserted. The shopping plaza in front will hold activities again, and when you walk in, you will see that the basement has been transformed into a friendship department store. The mid-range XSJ shopping plaza also takes the line of low-cost civilians. It seems that this year’s economic situation has quietly affected most families. No matter how much stimulus people have no money to spend, it will not help.

In the afternoon, I couldn’t walk anymore, my wife and I went to sell some food and went back to cook. After I got home, I slept for more than an hour. When I woke up, my wife and children were busy making moon cakes. There were bean paste and purple sweet potato fillings. The two babies happily kneaded the dough with their hands and pressed the mold to form the prototype of the moon cake. The wife then painted the surface. Put the egg wash in the oven, and it’s out of the oven after a while. Looking at the browned mooncakes on the front and blackened on the bottom, I tasted one that was delicious.

I planned to accompany my wife to cut her hair for a few days. I rode my little electric donkey to the street and went to several barber shops. The first one closed, the second one closed, and the third one was off work. Finally, we gave up and went back. At home, the plan can only be postponed.

After watching TV at night, I settled my two children. I continued to follow the drama in the living room. I was bored and took a bottle of beer, trying to find the feeling. Before, I basically didn’t drink alcohol alone, so I will celebrate the festival tonight. I took my big tongs and opened the bottle cap smoothly. The cold beer is refreshing to drink, and my mouth is slightly bitter when I drink it. After watching TV and drinking, I felt a little warm all over my body and my head was a little dizzy.

This morning, after sending my wife off, I came to the work unit to check in. After sitting for more than an hour, it was time for me to go home.

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