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△ 235|The bottom-level mutual harm game

Nucleic acid testing is required for several consecutive days, but the rules are different every day.

Every day, the building management of the property will send a message to determine the time schedule for nucleic acid testing on the day, but basically the reason for the time adjustment is “medical workers are not physically exhausted”. It’s just that “they” arranged the testing time, but “they” also changed the time, and the reason for the change was “we” . In short, this logic is very useful, so that every day “they” use this logic to toss everyone.

The victims of this incident seem to have only one party, the “Dabai” who worked continuously for several hours in protective clothing. Because of their hard work, they have found the most direct responsible person – the residents of the area. It can be seen from the news that the residents in the area have various situations that have led to the hard work of Dabai – there are too many residents, and everyone can do nucleic acid in the morning, but everyone is not active, and everyone does nucleic acid in the evening at a point in time. Came out in a rush. When the residents have no obvious “fault”, there will be some absolute defenses: everyone has worked hard, can you understand? Do you think we are willing to wear such clothes that are not out of breath to do nucleic acid; Just to let everyone live a normal life…

So what is the root cause? The residents are really willing to be tossed and tossed in the high temperature of 40 degrees every day. What is the reason why these big whites have to work for hours in a row in airtight protective clothing? It’s just that everyone can only talk about the reason “here”. If you go deeper and trace the source, you will be “ignorant of flattery” or even “daring”.

In the end, this is just a game of mutual harm at the bottom. The residents who are required to do all the inspections and the medical workers who must obey the requirements of the superior leaders have formed a symbiotic relationship, but they also have a symbiotic relationship. There must be some kind of subtle “hostile relationship” between them, otherwise their union is bound to bring about an uncontrollable “awakening”. Therefore, it is the simplest and most effective thing to clearly divide the responsibilities from the very beginning. It is because there are too many residents and the residents are not following the rules, which makes the medical workers work so hard every day. Because of the hard work of the medical workers, they have to change the rules at any time. Even if everyone is tossed by this, they must be understood and respected.

When I was a child, I used to be an “organizer”, such as “exploring” outside without going home from school. Especially every Thursday, the staff union holds a weekly meeting, so the primary school will end school early at 4 o’clock on that day. This day of the week is our carnival day. I will formulate the theme of the game for each week, and then carry out various activities around the school to kill the happy time, but it will inevitably be caught by the head teacher who has finished the meeting ahead of schedule. One time, I was caught by the head teacher during an offensive and defensive battle in the ruins. At that time, the head teacher’s face was very ugly. At the moment, he did not intend to punish us. He just said that after going to school tomorrow, he would automatically go to the office and wait for her. Everyone must be a little scared when they see this scene. I am even more afraid, after all, I am the mastermind, and there will be soft-mouthed people in this group who will confess more about the Thursday carnival. So at the moment, I called all the participants and threatened them at the moment, if we don’t have a unified confession tomorrow, we will definitely be invited to the parents one by one.

I ordered everyone to complete a “review” that night, admitting their faults and correcting their attitudes in advance. Of course, among this group of accomplices, there are also some who have tried to get a light sentence by confessing to me. So, after the public “meeting”, I convened the “core members” — the little friends who used to play with me on Thursdays, and held a further secret meeting. This time, I changed my attitude. It was no longer intimidation, but told them that there must be some people inside who want to “sell out” the organizer in exchange for a lighter punishment, but none of them thought of a reason. If you point the finger at me directly, and I make a dead end, then everyone will go back to the worst ending at the beginning—all members invite their parents. So at this time we have to disperse the internal spearhead, and I can guarantee that if the spearhead is still punished after being dispersed, then I will stand up and admit that I am the only stopper, but this is the worst outcome. Therefore, the resolution of the “secret meeting” is: we must write a review with a better attitude, and spread out the risks that are very likely to betray me in advance. The group of “possible traitors” we invited.

In the end, because we were sincere in admitting our mistakes, and we also took the initiative to admit that we invited others – of course, the group of people who did want to get probation by confessing to me did not mention their own in the review. Responsibility, all pointed the finger at me. Of course, my review is the most sincere, and I also left the last insurance – I admit that I am the organizer. When the core members of the “secret meeting” did not betray me, the charges of the “organizer” were dispersed – so all of us escaped punishment, and the head teacher saw that we were sincere, but only spoke up After some education, she emphasized that she planned to invite all of us parents today.

Since I was very good at fighting wits and courage with teachers when I was a child, and at the same time, I had to maintain a restrained image of a “good student” in front of parents, so I played countless tricks like this, but I didn’t understand what “mutual harm at the bottom” was at that time, but Indeed, in every incident that I “organized”, the reason that was often revealed was that those classmates who tried to shirk their responsibilities exchanged for probation by confessing to me. Over time, I also knew that there must be such a group of people, and when I became an adult, I also knew the meaning of this group of people’s existence – that is, to obtain space for survival through mutual harm at the bottom.

The constant replacement of nucleic acid testing rules has caused complaints from all parties, so put this contradiction back into the lowest level of logic. It is the residents who are to be tested, and those who test the residents are those who are white, so among them All kinds of troubles are caused by their “internal reasons”, and in turn, the “internal reasons” are caused by the residents themselves – this way, no one will care about the fundamental problems at the top , and the more intensified the contradictions at the bottom, the more unable to form a force that can compete with the top.

Of course, there are times when such contradictions are reconciled, but if one party has a bit of “human touch”, they sympathize with each other and complain together, and they will quickly realize that it is not their underlying harm to each other that caused all this, but someone created it. Such a low-level game. It doesn’t matter, “they” still have a solution – the big deal is to write a painless “review letter”, but the “fundamental responsibility” in it is not mentioned at all, and even “I’m sorry” can’t be said halfway. sentence.

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