Breaking through the limitations of high-temperature disinfection of dishwashers, Casarte releases professional decontamination machine

Home health and entrance health have become more and more important topics. Under the epidemic, regular disinfection of tableware and items at home has become something that most people do. The more common disinfection method in the family is high temperature disinfection, but the common high temperature treatment of boiling water cannot kill most bacteria and viruses. To achieve the effect of high temperature disinfection, two conditions must be met, one is the temperature of the action, and the other is the time of the action.

If you want to sterilize tableware at high temperature in a home environment, you need a special high-temperature sterilization cabinet to achieve this. High-temperature disinfection at 125 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes is a relatively mature high-temperature disinfection method on the market, but its limitations are also obvious. Due to the high temperature inside the poison cabinet, some plastic containers are easily deformed under long-term baking and damage the tableware. For the same reason, the tableware sterilized by the sterilizer cannot be taken out immediately, otherwise the high temperature will hurt the hands.

If you want to change to a non-high temperature disinfection cabinet, you will find that most of the disinfection cabinet products on the market are still using the principle of ozone chemical disinfection. The fishy smell, due to the different materials of the tableware, the severity of the taste will also be different.


As another part of the health of the entrance, the cleaning of tableware is also very important. In the pursuit of quality of life, it has become a trend to use a dishwasher to free your hands. For most Chinese people, choose a disinfection cabinet and a dishwasher Machines are not a problem, the problem is how to cram them in a kitchen that is already small. A single disinfection cabinet and dishwasher are no longer the choice for people to create a healthy home environment, and a dishwasher that can take into account the integration of disinfection and sterilization is what is needed now.

On June 10, at the event site of the annual new product launch event of Casarte Dishwasher “Innovatively Created, “Clean” for Love + 1″ in Wuhan, Casarte launched new products such as Neutron Hemei pro, H20 and Galaxy Gemini. Dishwasher products, Casarte takes “cleanness” as the core of technology, and the integrated design of several products bid farewell to the user’s choice of effective antivirus can only use the disinfection cabinet, and the dishwasher can only wash dishes.


As the focus products of this launch event, both Neutron and Meipro and H20 have made new breakthroughs in high-temperature disinfection and sterilization. Among them, the pasteurized light wave disinfection technology of Neutron Hemei Pro has a medical-grade sterilization effect, and the sterilization rate reaches 99.99%.

The pasteurized light wave disinfection technology adopts a purely physical disinfection method. It adopts the synergistic effect of ultraviolet C wave and pasteurized temperature to sterilize, does not generate ozone, does not damage tableware, and avoids the residual and leakage of harmful gases in traditional disinfection cabinets. Food grade safe disinfection effect. Among them, light wave pasteurization technology is divided into two types, broadband light wave pasteurization and ultraviolet C wave pasteurization, and the disinfection time is 10 minutes and 30 minutes respectively, which greatly shortens the disinfection time.

The double-drawer layered large space design of Neutron and Meipro can accommodate 16 sets of tableware, and can achieve mutual partitioning of pots, mothers, and children, and cups. Effective storage and long-term disinfection.


In terms of cleaning, you can also feel Casarte’s control of details. The Neutron and Mei pro cleaning devices use Fisher & Paykel direct-drive inverter motors with suspended spray arms, which can precisely adjust the strong water flow. The washing program carefully maintains the high-end tableware. In addition, the special “baking plate washing” program is specially designed to wash the tableware with heavy oil and heavy dirt.

On the H20 built-in dishwasher, Casarte innovatively developed an intelligent door-opening and quick-drying function. After the machine has performed two high-temperature steam sterilization at 80°C, the door will automatically open at the golden temperature of 55°C, and the door will automatically open at a safe high temperature of 55°C. Open the door in time, release excess water vapor, and allow the tableware to be dried naturally and quickly. 30min is more efficient to complete the drying, which not only saves 20% of energy, but also dries and inhibits bacteria in space, and also eliminates the potential safety hazard of hot hands in the machine.


In addition to sterilization, bacteriostasis is also an important link to keep kitchen utensils clean for a long time, which is a problem that most manufacturers ignore. Casarte starts from the needs of users, not limited to the innovation of the disinfection function of products, so that the machine can ensure a dry internal environment for a long time and prevent the growth of bacteria caused by humidity. The time can be up to 168 hours of sterile storage, and it can be used safely for 7 days.

On the washing level, H20 is equipped with H-wash “ultra-clean cabin” to hedge the water flow of the upper and lower sandwiches, and uses 50,000Pa high-pressure H-shaped spray arms 2+2 double and other methods to clean the tableware thoroughly, saying goodbye to traditional dishwashing. The bottom of the bowl that appears in the machine is not clean, and there are residual problems in the dead corners. The cleanliness index improved from 1.12 to 1.16.

It is worth noting that Casarte will cooperate with the China Household Appliances Service and Repair Association to launch and formulate service standards for domestic dishwashers. Through technological innovation and service upgrades, it will bring users a high-end washing and care scene experience that is more suitable for Chinese home kitchens.


For a long time, Casarte has always been evolving around the needs of consumers, and through the comprehensive upgrade of products, services, ecology and manufacturing, to jointly build an ideal family life scene in the future, from smart single products to complete sets of intelligence, to scene interaction, Aesthetic design, private experience, Casarte is constantly seeking new and changing products, which has also established its leading position in the industry.

In order to bring certain growth in uncertain times, for Casarte, the only way to move forward is to use ability and time to witness the development of a high-quality brand. can fully foresee that Casarte will further integrate into the modern lifestyle of high-end families, opening up a new growth space for the brand.

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