Bubuxue obtained strategic investment and Tsingtao University invested in education

Bubuxue Education is a comprehensive adult vocational education service provider. Through the combination of live broadcast and recording, it is committed to allowing more on-the-job students to complete their studies without being full-time, helping students to improve their competitiveness and realize self-worth . It mainly provides training courses such as self-study examinations, adult college entrance examinations, and on-the-job postgraduates, as well as professional qualification trainings such as certified public accountants, first-class constructors, and licensed pharmacists. Its service products mainly include three categories: more than 140 professional qualifications such as self-examination, entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination, and MBA; more than 50 types of vocational qualification training courses such as nutritionist, psychological consultant, health manager, human resource manager, and economist; Broadcasting, hosting, bel canto, illustration and other interest development training courses. Recently, it announced that it has obtained an undisclosed amount of strategic investment. The investor is Qingda Education.

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