Buffett can you learn

When I have nothing to do, I am thinking wildly, pondering Buffett’s classic sentences, and then pondering the trajectory of his success, and then pondering a surprising conclusion, Buffett is a special one, and his success cannot be replicated.

Buffett’s success has its special background. Born in the United States, he has caught up with the wave of global expansion of American companies. This is also what many investors now say is to invest in the National Games, and personal choices are not worth mentioning in the face of the National Games.

Much of Buffett’s success has been built on the reinvestment of float in insurance companies. Float is actually a kind of leverage, although it is special, it is essentially the same thing. In the later period, Buffett emphasized not to add leverage. I am more inclined to think that most people can’t grasp it. Leverage will invisibly magnify the inner greed, lead to mental imbalance, and ultimately fail.

Many of Buffett’s classic statements are absolutely correct nonsense, just as I told you that everything has a cycle, and successful investing is about selling high and buying low. Through these correct sentences, we can piece together a vague path to success, a path that Buffett has traversed with his life-long investment practice, and is no less significant to investing than Columbus’s discovery of the New World. This is the most precious wealth Buffett has left to the world, not buying Apple today and BYD tomorrow.

There are a thousand Buffetts for every thousand people studying. As far as I am concerned, my personal understanding is that there is only one way to hold a great business at a reasonable price. What is a great company? A company that can maintain a broad moat for a long time has the right to raise prices. In my mind, only consumer growth stocks meet the requirements for such a company. What is a reasonable price? Market quotes when others are afraid of my greed have the most margin of safety. Do great businesses never sell? No, sell the three principles, a better company, the fundamentals of the company deteriorate, and the stock price bubbles, that is, others are greedy and I am afraid.

A perfect closed-loop logic, but the execution is varied and full of mistakes, either in the wrong business, or the company is not great enough, or others are fearful and I am more fearful, others are greedy and I am more greedy, etc. Why this problem occurs is because every company in this world is a completely independent world, just like there are no identical people in this world. The only key to unlocking this world is to combine thought with practice and match personal character at the same time. So there is what the big brother of retail investors said, there are some things that cannot be said, and it is wrong to say it. This is my understanding and may not be correct.

The end point of consumption growth stocks is dividend yield investment, just like Coca-Cola’s current investment income comes from annual dividends rather than high annual growth.

Everyone wants to be Buffett, but there is only one Buffett in this world, the only one. Everyone can only become a better self through hard work, and will never become Buffett.

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