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▎Special Screening Information▎

  • Time: 9/21 (Wed) 21:00

  • Location: Changchun Guobin Cinema (No. 176, Changchun Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City)

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▎Movie Highlights▎

  • 2022 TIDF Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival ” Youth Jury Award

  • Best International Director, Best First Feature Special Mention ” at IDFA Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival

  • The cutting-edge Vietnamese female director He Liyan records the customs of Vietnamese ethnic Hmong people for grabbing marriages

  • Looking at the real capture of the camera, a 13-year-old girl was forced to face the hesitation and conflict in the adult world overnight

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──Gender. society—

2022 Voice of Migrant Annual Photography Exhibition】(One-Forty)

Event URL: reurl.cc/0Xm1ll

Time: From now until September 30 Subject: Photography is one of the sources of life force for many migrant workers during their vacations in different places. One-Forty has held the “Voice of Migrant” photography competition every year since 2019, collecting works from Southeast Asian migrant workers in Taiwan and presenting the best selections as a curator. Standing in front of each photo, you can see Taiwan in their eyes through the lens of the shift workers. It is hoped that through this project, migrant workers can use their images to speak for themselves; through the exhibition, it is hoped that the people of Taiwan can re-understand migrant workers and this beautiful land. This year we received more than 1,100 works from Indonesia and the Philippines. Some photographers have been taking pictures silently for more than 10 years, and some just got their first camera this year. Images, because of stories, are connected.

2. [“Red Thread” Witches Gathering: After Good Girls Stop Playing] (Guerrilla Culture, Zhang Wanyun)

Event URL: fb.me/e/266Co7nqs

Time: September 15th (Thursday) 20:00-22:00
Theme: If you are tired of the role of “good girl”, or you want to be a witch but don’t know where to start, welcome to join our low-key but sincere online carnival at 8pm on 9/15 (Thu). We’re going to talk about some sex, some love, some feminism, some stupid things once done, and some sobriety in hindsight. It’s free, but if you’ve read The Red Line and come back, we’re more than welcome.
【Host witch】
Wu Xiaole (lives in Taichung, likes parrots, wrote several essays and novels)
Zhang Wanyun (director of the bedside library, editor-in-chief of Avatar Media, interested in exploring the power of witches)
Guo Yanyu (Editor-in-charge of “Red Line”, her acting skills were worrying, so she joined the ranks of witches early)

– Contemporary. cross domain —

3. [The 5th Yang Ming Lecture on Humanities and Society – Floating in Hong Kong and Taiwan: Emotions, Dreams and Collective Feelings] (Institute of Visual Culture, National Yang Ming Jiaotong University)

Event URL: reurl.cc/NR20Vm

Time: September 20-September 22 Subject: The topic of the lecture is floating in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and specifically how to analyze the emotions, dreams and collective feelings of the three places in recent years through academic language, as well as life and teaching in the three places in recent years. How experience with research nourishes scholarly research and thinking.
Lecturer: Professor Huang Zongyi (Department of Geography, Environment and Resources, National Taiwan University)

4. [The Russian-Ukrainian War and the Crossroads of Europe – Lecture on the new book “Ukraine’s Impossible War”] (Reporter, published by Chunshan)

Event URL: fb.me/e/3CazC8R9c

Time: September 14th (Wednesday) 19:30 Keynote: This lecture invites Lin Weiyun, a translator who has been concerned about Eastern Europe and Poland for a long time, and Huang Zhehan, a “virtuous man” who has lived in Germany for a long time. From the perspective of neighboring countries such as Germany, which were deeply affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war, it becomes an important reference for Taiwan to think about its own situation.
Moderator: Liu Zhixin (Deputy Editor-in-Chief of The Reporter)
Speakers: Lin Weiyun (writer, Polish translator), Huang Zhehan (international columnist)

–history. Art –

5. [“Time to Come: A Memo to Taiwan’s New Films for Forty Years”] (National Film and Audiovisual Culture Center, Harmony Video Variety Show)

Event URL: fb.me/e/2bRO0dt3o

Time: September 14th (Wednesday) 20:00-21:00
Topic: From “Terrorist” and “Love in the Wind and Dust” on photography in Taiwan’s new films Keynote speech:
Sun Songrong (Editor-in-Chief of this book, co-appointed professor at the National Taipei University of the Arts Institute of Interdisciplinary Art and Department of Film Creation)
Chen Jiaqi (Ph.D., Taiwan Literature Institute, National Cheng Kung University. Edited “Taiwan Photographer – Huang Boji” and “Xu Yuanfu”)

6. [The mysterious connection between Vietnamese ceramic tiles and the Islamic world in the 14th and 15th centuries] (Southern Campus of the National Palace Museum)

Event URL: fb.me/e/41OyyHMF5

Time: September 17th (Sat) 14:00-16:00
Theme: Explore the ancient Vietnamese tiles found in Indonesia, in addition, will touch on many relics in Vietnam, India, Kazakh and other places.
Takashi Sakai (Adjunct professor at the Institute of Art History, National Taiwan University, Ph.D., Specializing in Regional Studies at Sophia University, Japan)
▹ Interpretation for English lectures: Xie Ailun (Assistant Professor, Institute of Anthropology, National Tsing Hua University)
▹ Chinese Interpretation

–public. human rights–

7.【Golden Gate Sea. Cross-strait affairs │ topic. Lectures on Tide Boundaries] (Kuroshio Ocean Culture and Education Foundation)

Event URL: fb.me/e/3WBXCa07K

Time: September 13 (Tuesday) 19:00-21:00
Theme: Knowing Kinmen from the media is always inseparable from cross-strait issues. In this lecture, from the perspective of “Kinmen-based”, Mr. Dong, who has been concerned about the local area for a long time, shared with us the special geographical location of Kinmen, as well as the current situation of the coast, aquaculture and fishery, and sand extraction. What is going on in the sea of ​​Kinmen today?
Lecturer: Dong Senbao (currently a Kinmen County Councilman, born and raised in Kinmen. He used to be a media worker, has long been concerned about public issues and actively participated in various social movements in Kinmen.)

8. [Eat well, have a good life, elderly chronic disease care + supplementary post for assistive devices (mainly Yunlin, Nantou)] (Auxiliary home ATHome)

Event URL: reurl.cc/gMra3z

Time: September 13 (Tuesday) 19:00-20:40
Main theme: Accompanying life of the caregiver / Take good care of yourself before taking care of your family. If the long-term care is useless, it will really consume the body and mind and lose the sense of life, and the head will be very big! In order to take care of our loved ones, we often neglect our physical and mental balance, physical state and life style, and the deadlock is getting deeper and deeper… Although long-term care is full of challenges, you don’t have to live so hard!
Speakers: Fan Yingyu (nutritionist), Xie Peizhen (physiotherapist)

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