Buy Midjourney with virtual credit card top-up: monthly or annual subscription

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Due to the strong demand of users for painting and the abuse of some users, Midjourney temporarily stopped the free trial, and all users must purchase a membership plan to continue using it. How hot is it? A picture can explain everything: more than 1.2 million people are online at the same time!

Official notice: Unfortunately, we are currently not able to provide trials due to high demand.

When you use the /imagine command to try to draw a picture, you will see the following prompt to guide you to a paid subscription (/subscribe)

Due to extreme demand we can’t provide a free trial right now. Please /subscribe or try again tomorrow.

After entering the command: /subscribe, Midjourney Bot guides us to pay

Click “Open subscription page” to enter Midjourney’s purchase subscription interface. There are annual and monthly payment plan packages to choose from, as shown in the figure:

Let’s try the monthly payment basic package first. Like ChatGPT Plus, it also uses Stripe’s payment gateway: Stripe Checkout, which can be paid by credit card, debit card and Cash App Pay, as shown in the figure:

I use the US virtual credit card 558068 , so the billing address is also US, as shown in the picture:

In addition to the 558068 virtual card that can be used to purchase Midjourney, the 556766, 556735, 556305 and 531847 cards can also be used to pay for Midjourney. You can get this card here:

After the payment is successful, you can play happily again, and you can add money to the world!

If you feel that the basic package is not enough, you can upgrade at any time by adding money.

When you want to unsubscribe, it is also very simple, in the upper left corner of your current package, there is a “Manage”, click it! As shown in the picture:

Then click “Cancel Plan”

After cancellation, you can continue to use it until the next payment cycle. If you just subscribed, you can get a full refund.

Midjourney’s payment requirements are not as high as ChatGPT Plus, and general cards can be paid and recharged. VPS players often use virtual credit cards. The following cards can be used to pay for Midjourney: 556766, 556735, 556305, 531847, 558068. You can get this card here: , very simple, and the customer service is also very good!

Midjourney package introduction and subscription instructions (official): Subscription Plans

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