Google temporarily removes Pinduoduo from app store

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On March 21, according to Reuters, due to the discovery of malware problems in Pinduoduo’s application, Google has temporarily removed the application from the Google Play application store. “The Pinduoduo app found to contain malware outside of the Google Play store has been processed through Google Play Protect,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement, adding that the Play version of the app has also been blocked due to security concerns. Temporarily discontinued.

Google Play Protect is a malware protection service provided by Google for Android phones, which can scan all applications on Android phones and prevent malicious applications from being installed.

Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab has reportedly found traces of possible malware on multiple versions of Pinduoduo’s software. The lab listed to the outside world many details of how Pinduoduo software weakens users’ privacy and data security through its own privileges.

Kaspersky responded to the media and said: It has received comments from security researcher Igor Golovin that some versions of Pinduoduo APP contain malicious code, exploit known Android vulnerabilities to escalate privileges, download and execute additional malicious modules, and some of them are also obtained. permissions to access user notifications and files. Our products detect these versions as HEUR:Backdoor.AndroidOS.Pinduo.a. Infected versions of the app are distributed through a local app store.

Kaspersky also said that as background information, we did not find this malicious version, we only detected it. In other words, the version containing the malicious code was not the first that Kaspersky discovered. But Kaspersky did detect malicious code in this version.

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