Buying Makihara I sacrificed the margin of safety

In fact, on the whole, even if Muyuan does not expand in the past five years, according to the cycle center of 16 yuan/kg, when the grain price returns to the normal level, the total cost of Muyuan can reach 13.7/kg, and the five-year average annual profit of Muyuan is 12.88 billion yuan, which gives Muyuan a 20-fold growth rate. The conservative estimate of Muyuan is around 256 billion yuan, and there is still a 15%+ drop from now. My cost price of Muyuan is around 58. To be honest, I have already I don’t have any money to add anything. Since I took out the bank’s regular hundreds of thousands of dollars this year, I first bought the bond base, then I felt it was not right, I turned around and bought the stock, and now I have taken the whole position. Muyuan and Shengnong are the top two warehouses, Hengrui and Zhonggai are the second largest, and Jinlongyu and Zhongju High-tech only bought 10,000 or 20,000 yuan. If I still have money, I will continue to add more positions. Not only more peace of mind in the stock account, but also to prevent wire fraud [狗头]

The cost of 58 Muyuan was about 300 billion yuan, which means that it is not only not cheap, but also 20% higher than the conservative value. Now it seems that the rush to buy it was purely because of expectations. This year, I was most impressed by Hengrui Medicine. I bought it at 44, and the cost of adding positions dropped to 37. I watched it drop to 27, but I didn’t panic. Then I returned to 42 and reduced a bit. At present, there is still a 50,000 There are many positions, but I just experienced this bungee jump, and I feel more indifferent. It’s too far. In short, the price of Muyuan is not cheap, and there is no guarantee that it will not fall again. I have already prepared the psychology that it will retreat to about 42. At that time, the account will definitely be a V-line again, holding Muyuan, I don’t expect it or not. Too high is good, otherwise it will be easy to cut off $ Muyuan Shares (SZ002714)$ $ Wen’s Shares (SZ300498)$ $ Zhengbang Technology (SZ002157)$ @snowball creator center @ todaytopic#todaytopic #

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