Byte’s hand reaches out to the hospital

The traffic player ByteDance has once again extended its tentacles in the medical and health field – wholly-owned high-end women’s and children’s hospitals.

According to the news in August and May, according to the Qichacha APP, Xiaohe Health, a subsidiary of ByteDance, has wholly acquired Beijing Meizhongyihe Medical. The relevant person in charge of Xiaohe Health confirmed the news and said that it has been approved by the relevant departments. Relevant documents show that the antitrust review of the case has also been passed.

It is reported that this time is a further increase in ByteDance’s shareholding in the hospital. In September 2021, Xiaohe Health invested in US-China Yihe for the first time, holding 17.5748% of the shares. In June 2022, Xiaohe Hong Kong, a subsidiary of Xiaohe Health, increased its 41.49% stake in Meizhongyihe.

After this increase in holdings, the shareholding ratios of Xiaohe Hong Kong and Xiaohe Health Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. were 69.53% and 30.47%, respectively, and the subscribed capital contributions were 900.441 million yuan and 394.561 million yuan respectively.


Judging from the publicly disclosed information, this is the first wholly-owned hospital of ByteDance. It means that the layout of ByteDance’s offline medical service sector has progressed more deeply.

What is the background of this hospital?

Weibo V Carlyle revealed that the United States and China Yi belong to the head of non-public hospitals, and at least 40% of the non-public high-end hospitals in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei are in this hospital.

According to the data, Meizhong Yihe was established in Beijing in 2006. It is positioned as an international high-end private women’s and children’s hospital, providing services such as obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, assisted reproduction, postpartum rehabilitation, and postpartum recuperation. Currently, it owns 7 women’s and children’s hospitals. , 2 comprehensive outpatient centers and 5 confinement centers.

Beginning in 2021, ByteDance will be “crazy output” in medical care, and will accelerate the expansion of offline medical services.

In September 2021, ByteDance invested in three companies in a row, namely Good Mood, Meizhong Yihe, and Hongda Airui. These three companies have physical institutions behind them. Good mood has offline physical clinics, involving the central nervous system and mental and mental health fields; Meizhong Yihe owns an international high-end private women’s and children’s hospital, and Hongda Airui is a multidisciplinary oncology clinic. platform.

From mental health, to obstetrics and pediatrics, to oncology treatment, Byte has made three investments in just three days.

In 2020, Byte also invested in building its own offline clinic – Xiaohe Clinic, whose services cover gynecology, general practice, dermatology, traditional Chinese medicine, health management, etc. In mid-2021, the offline store of Xiaohe Clinic has been put into use.

A closer look at the timeline of the layout of Bytes in the medical sector shows that in addition to offline medical care, Bytes is not idle in the online Internet medical field, and later extended to medical devices, drug research and development, testing, imaging AI and other fields. has previously reported that the first step in Byte’s medical treatment known to the outside world was the acquisition of Baike Famous Medical Network in May 2020 and renamed it “Xiaohe Medical Dictionary”.

In November 2020, ByteDance officially launched its health brand Xiaohe Medical.

Since the establishment of Xiaohe Medical, Byte has divided it into the patient-side product “Xiaohe Health” App and the doctor-side product “Xiaohe Doctor” App, which are involved in two directions, one is Internet medical care, and the other is medical science popularization.

At the end of December 2020, one month after the establishment of Xiaohe Medical, Byte released recruitment requirements in the field of biological computing, but there was little movement, and such requirements will be quietly withdrawn in the future.

In July 2021, Byte acquired “Songguo Clinic”, extended Xiaohe Medical to offline, and established Xiaohe Medical Clinic.

So far, Xiaohe Medical has developed into a typical comprehensive Internet medical industry, and 6 services have been launched in the software, namely Quick Ask Doctor, Famous Doctor Studio, Xiaohe Medical Manual, Vaccine Reservation, Online Drug Purchase, and Experience Circle; It covers various departments similar to traditional hospitals.

In addition to mergers and acquisitions, in some unfamiliar fields, Byte is participating through investment.

In terms of new drug research and development, in October 2021, ByteDance invested in Shuimu Future, a new drug research and development platform. Shuimu Future is mainly engaged in the acceleration of preclinical new drug research and development, and can provide comprehensive technical services such as new drug target verification, compound library screening, and lead compound discovery.

In late December 2021, ByteDance invested in Shanghai Diying Biotechnology Co., Ltd., an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) company focusing on high-throughput nucleic acid synthesis and other segments.

On December 29, 2021, Xiaohe Health also invested 1 million yuan to establish Shanghai Weihe Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd.

In terms of medical devices, in November 2021, Xiaohe Medical Devices (Hainan) Co., Ltd. was established, and the legal representative is Wu Haifeng. The company is 100% controlled by Xiaohe Health.

Combining the above investment actions, Byte has built a plate covering new drug research and development + testing products + testing institutions + offline medical care in just two years. This plate is very large.

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