Cainiao has activated the emergency response mechanism, and unmanned vehicles in Beijing can perform contactless delivery

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 On the Titanium Media App on April 26, Cainiao has launched an emergency response plan immediately. By mobilizing logistics forces in Beijing and surrounding areas, it will coordinate its own warehouses, Cainiao Direct (Daniao) Express, Cainiao Station, and Xiaomanlu unmanned vehicles. etc., to fully support the distribution of daily necessities for Beijing residents. These measures include: through the large logistics parks in Shunyi in Beijing and Wuqing in Tianjin, providing Beijing citizens with the delivery of online shopping materials on platforms such as Tmall Supermarket. These parks are currently operating efficiently, with production lines in full operation, and the number of orders processed in recent days has remained at a high level, with more than 200,000 parcels dispatched in a single day.  Cainiao Station provides terminal services in nearly 2,000 communities in Beijing, and has also opened service stations in nearly 80 college campuses. These service stations around residents, teachers and students can help with the distribution and delivery of living materials for the last 100 meters.

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