car as second space

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The car is parked downstairs, which can be used as an expansion of the home space, which is equivalent to an extra study.
After returning home at night, you can hide in the car, isolate yourself from the noisy children at home, and concentrate on work and study.

issues that need resolving:

  • Privacy: After turning on the lights at night, the outside of the car can clearly see every move of the people in the car, and you need to buy a privacy curtain to isolate it.
  • Electricity: If you want to use a notebook, you need 220v power. You can buy a car 12v to 220v converter. The car’s 12v power is at least 110w, which is completely enough for a notebook.
  • Lighting: The existing lights on the car will be relatively dark, and you need to take another desk lamp, or a simpler lamp holder to hang on the top.
  • Network: mobile phone traffic, if you can see your home in a straight line, you can buy a pair of direct wireless bridges to connect to your home network.
  • Comfort: Sitting in the co-pilot seat, you can adjust to a comfortable position, and you can take a nap even if the seat is folded down.
  • Urine: Use the bottle of mineral water that you have finished drinking.
  • Quiet: sound-proof earplugs, you can also use your mobile phone to connect to carplay to listen to music in the car.
  • Ventilation: Just open a small slit in the car window. If it rains, take one or two umbrellas to block it. If there are mosquitoes, buy mosquito-proof curtains on the windows.
  • Temperature: If the weather is hot, you can turn on the air conditioner for trams, but if you turn on the air conditioner for gasoline vehicles at idle speed, it will consume fuel and be unsafe, so there is no way.

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