Outing diary for the past few weeks

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In February, I brought a small car, well, I won’t go into details here. Because it is an old car, I personally think its disadvantage is that the chassis tuning is very different from the current car, even its relative Tianlai is much better than it, probably because of the T, the chassis tuning is very meaty. When turning a big corner quickly, there will be centrifugal force thrown out, which is worse than other cars I have driven such as: Changan CS75Plus, Nissan Teana, Toyota Corolla, etc.

However, the daily commuting to and from work is still very good. The four-wheel drive with T can still be just right on the high-speed road. Although it is not as exaggerated as an ultra-electric car, it is super-class A at the same level. Cars, B-class cars, and some C-class cars are trivial.

The above are all nonsense.

Speaking of weekend trips, I personally like hunting, digging wild vegetables, picking fruits, fishing, mountain climbing and other activities. It may be the reason why I prefer to be quiet. Friends around me usually choose to go to scenic spots or Internet celebrities to check in and play. Or eat and drink; and I prefer to run to the countryside, and running in the mountains can also quickly improve the feeling of the car. It is good to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the scenery along the way is also good. It also brings a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

On March 5, I went to the old collar’s house to pick Chinese toon buds

In the past few weeks, besides going to work, I went out on weekends and went out in the wild. In fact, I don’t understand why many Chongqing people like to go camping and barbecue. I can find a large lawn free park near my house. It was so crowded that parking was difficult.

On March 12, I took my nephew to go outing and fly a kite

I’m already very tired at work, and on weekends I have to move around for leisure, such as setting up tents and making barbecues. The place is noisy and troublesome, what is worth aftertaste? I don’t understand.

On March 19, the whole family set off to the mountains to pick up wild mushrooms

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