Car change plan is on the agenda

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Since the end of the New Year, the car has started to drop dust in the parking lot, and I will drive it when I go back to my hometown on weekends. Now, it has only been four or five times after refueling for more than half a year. It really saves money to take the bus to and from get off work every day. Last month, a shared electric car was launched in the urban area. When you want to use it, you can scan one by walking a few steps nearby, and it is very convenient to return the car when you arrive at the destination.

From then on, I thought of buying a mountain bike that would be convenient for going to work, so I went to two or three brands of bicycle shops to have a look. There was one I liked, but I didn’t like it very much. Finally, the Douyin swiped to the Duke of Merida 600. I like this car very much, because I bought this car in 2012 when I was not married. After riding it for four or five years, I bought it and sold it. It’s a pity that the local store closed down two years ago, so I contacted the specialty store in the nearby county through Douyin. The boss said that the reason for YQ was not in stock, but I had already made up my mind not to buy this one, so the car pickup plan was put on hold.

Last weekend, my wife and friends had dinner together. A friend recently bought an electric bike. She happened to be going back to her hometown to lend me an electric bike to ride for a few days. She rode to the gate of the community and explained it to me that night. A lap experience was very good. Electric cars are much more fragrant than bicycles, so I told my wife to buy an electric car. I have been riding an electric bike to and from get off work these days. It is very convenient to park at the work unit in a few minutes. I am going to see the car with my wife this weekend and hope to pick up the car as soon as possible.

Now the only use of a car is to go back to my hometown and my parents’ home. It is estimated that long-distance travel will not be available in recent years, and I have been hesitating whether to sell it or not. This year, the money is indeed tight, and the monthly repayment pressure of mortgages, renovation loans and credit cards is still quite high. , for a period of time really can not open the pot.

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