Caritas APP version 2.0 released

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Knowing the original text Welcome to join us~

I wanted to write an app like this, so I wrote it.

Thanks to @David for key information such as version 1.0, icons, etc.

Thanks to @g9qad @nell nell for content authorization

Thanks for the note file provided by @寜寜@流水Floating lamp

The overall refactoring was carried out on the previous version of David’s Caritas 1.0 , and I hope to bring such inspiring answers to you in the purest form.

The flutter architecture is still used, so it is supported on all sides of安卓/iOS/MacOS/Windows/Web through a set of codes, and the installation method of each side is attached at the end.

Function Description

One sentence description: The content of some respondents (currently @g9qad and @nell nell) has been made into a separate APP, and sorted by category for offline use and reading

So, compared with 1.0, what are the main updates?

First of all, it has changed from only supporting Android/iOS (enterprise signature) to the form supported by mobile terminal/computer terminal/web page, which can be used on mobile phones/tablets/computers of different operating systems with a unified experience.

After that, consistent with version 1.0, as a pure client application, all content will be stored locally, no need to connect to the Internet (yes, this APP has accompanied the entire flight on several business trips)

But the difference is that this time, the hot update of data is supported, which means that I will follow the update of upstream data (thanks to the two data sources of AaNingNing/Sth-Matters and AaNingNing/Nell-Nell by @寜寜). Update the data. After the update, the latest data will still be stored locally, so you don’t have to worry about subsequent variables.

Also, some work has been done to maximize the reading experience for long text. Supports functions such as read marks, history viewing, collections, etc., supports custom color themes, and supports dark mode for better reading at night (social animals do not deserve to have daytime QAQ), and can automatically switch modes or manually adjust with the system .

And considering the problem of data synchronization between different devices, it supports importing and exporting current collections and historical reading records in the form of files or QR codes; for iOS devices, it additionally supports cross-device synchronization through iCloud (but due to technical Due to the synchronization mechanism with Apple, automatic synchronization has not been made yet, and manual departure is required)

Finally, the entire project code is open-sourced on Github-idealclover/Caritas-APP under the MIT License, which can be viewed and modified. Competent friends are also welcome to help with code optimization and function expansion.

If you have any questions during use, you can contact me through QQ in the app, or directly through Zhihu private message or comment. If you find it useful, your sharing and other support are welcome!

Installation Notes

In order to avoid the uncontrollability caused by the use of other channels for distribution, we use our own CDN for distribution as much as possible. The speed may be slightly slower. I hope you understand hh

Mobile – Android

Due to the large number of Android application stores and inconsistent audit standards, information APPs are also difficult to audit, so the application distribution is directly carried out in the form of apk

Download address:

Due to the current interception and restriction strategies of various Android manufacturers, they may guide “go to the app store to install” when installing the APP, just ignore it (it is estimated that everyone is already used to it = =|||)

In addition, friends who have installed Caritas version 1.0 before may see two versions coexisting on their mobile phones due to inconsistent package names and signatures, which is normal.

Mobile – iOS

Since the official version of iOS was rejected by the Apple App Store on the grounds of 4.2.2, testflight is temporarily used for release, with a limit of 1000 on a first-come, first-served basis (it should not be full)

If you know how to make further revisions to pass the review, you are also welcome to contact me and need your help.

Use address:

Friends who have used testflight before may be familiar with it. Click the link to directly participate in the test and install the APP; those who have not used it may need to download a testflight (Apple’s official test version release tool) according to the guide.

Desktop – Windows

Download address:

After downloading, follow the installation guide steps to install

Desktop – MacOS

Testflight is under review (in addition, it is not recommended to use APPStore to install software on the computer side, just use the dmg package)

Download address:

After the download is opened, drag the icon into the Applications folder according to the installation process to use

web side

Tip: Due to the large file size (10+M) to be loaded on the web page and the unstable web architecture of flutter itself, it is not recommended to use it, and there may be more unknown bugs during use

Web link:

Just open it with a browser

write at the end

Not from a professional background, and currently doing no actual development work. The code I wrote is just based on my own amateur interest. If there are performance problems or strange bugs, please feel free to come to me for feedback.

Well, since it is a hobby, it should be “raised like a daughter”. There will be no advertising and no charges, including the Apple developer account (688/year) is also at your own expense. Your likes, sharing and use are the biggest motivation for me to continue to maintain.

And, “encourage the use of this app’s code for profit” if the code is worthwhile and the use is legitimate.

I hope this APP can help you, at least, these contents have helped myself, past, present, and possible future.

So I take this torch and share it with you.

“In the middle of the cold when Haoge is crazy; in the sky, see the abyss. In all eyes, see nothing; in hopeless salvation.” – Lu Xun

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