Case Report on Self-unblocking of Type II Cards of Postal Savings Bank of China



Today, when I checked the balance of my bank card with cloud flash payment, I suddenly found that the postal storage card that was not in the cabinet was restored by itself last time (the query would fail before), and I have not done anything recently, which is a bit strange, so I will record this matter.

And I am very sure that it was unblocked today, because I used the Postal Savings Bank App when I tested the digital RMB function around 8:00 pm on 2022-09-15, and it was indeed still in a non-cabinet state at that time.

Cases of being tampered with

On 2022-07-11, at 3:26 pm Beijing time, I found that my UnionPay card balance was abnormal when I checked my UnionPay card balance.

But I thought it was a card, and then I saw that the balance of the postal savings card was abnormal, and I thought it was a bug


Then I opened the card to see why the balance has changed so much, and then I looked at the Postal Savings Bank App


The available balance was directly negative. At that time, I didn’t understand what happened. Then, less than an hour later, I found that the App displayed abnormal status, and the direct account was not in the cabinet.


The running water in front of the non-cabinet is so little, yes, it is so little


Network processing

It should be around July 27 (the same period as this ), I went to a small outlet to solve the problem. At that time, the limit on the signing day was 5,000 RMB, and then the teller told me to unblock It failed, I don’t know why, and since it was noon, I went to eat first and left a phone call. Two days later, the teller called and said that it was a system error. Too lazy to go, after all, it is more than 70 yuan.

Judging from the transfer situation of accounts with different names in the App, it is indeed the limit that has been modified successfully.


Automatically unblock

When I checked the balance today, I found that it was recently unblocked, and then I tried to deposit and withdraw the money normally, and it was still in the state of unchecked.


Then, the transfer out of the App and the inward transfer of UnionPay QuickPass can be correctly identified, but the outgoing transfer of the UnionPay QuickPass is marked for consumption and does not display the counterparty’s card number (other banks such as China Construction Bank can see the counterparty’s account whether it is in or out of UnionPay QuickPass ).

In the state of unchecked, the App cannot find it, but you cannot use the unbound card to transfer funds, so it is estimated that it has not been checked. I tested the transfer to the second-class card that has been approved by CITIC, and it was successful, but the reverse transfer failed, which means that the non-binding card deposit is not supported. This is a limited function of the card that has not been approved. .

The transfer to the unbound, but my own card should also be limited by the annual limit, and then the cloud flash payment transfer is not sure whether the transfer can be transparently transmitted, and it may occupy the quota, so it is better to transfer the two types of cards. .

In addition, the flash card of Postal Savings Bank of China can be opened online, and then you can participate in various activities on the WeChat public account “Postal Savings Co-branded Card”. The activities are very simple, such as 5 purchases on WeChat, birthday months, etc. The rewards are generally cash. Coupon, Tencent Video Membership, QQSVIP, QQ Music Deluxe Green Diamond, if you are interested in swiping, you can also click the whole time. Be careful not to open a large number of cards in the short term, including second-class cards.

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