CDC Night School Review NO.25|How to use big data text analysis to empower research and the triple door on the road of application iteration

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CDC Night School Review NO.25|How to use big data text analysis to empower research and the triple door on the road of application iteration

Keywords about CDC Night School |Professional·Crossover·Explore·Growth

CDC is known as the “Whampoa Military Academy” in the field of user experience design, which is closely related to our attitude of continuous pursuit of truth and refinement and a variety of learning and growth measures. The CDC night school has been going on for nearly 10 years. The theme of the night school not only covers user research, brand design, experience design, R&D technology and other majors, but also involves many cross-border fields such as lifestyle, architectural art, photography, etc. It is our precipitation, sharing, and professional growth. It also allows partners from different majors to flexibly and easily obtain opportunities to learn and discuss cutting-edge topics across fields, so as to jointly expand the boundaries of knowledge and achieve high-quality growth.

“How to Use Big Data Text Analytics to Empower Research”

Lu Hong

User Research Engineer, User Research Center, Tencent CDC

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With the development of the Internet and information technology, a large amount of digital information is generated, of which unstructured data accounts for 80% of the total data volume. Unstructured data contains very rich information, but due to the complex and irregular data structure, it needs to be processed through text analysis and other methods.

Text analysis is the process of mining some potential relevant information contained in the text by using some technical methods, involving natural language processing, information retrieval and machine learning technology, and grammatically transforming irregular text data into regular text data. form, and extract useful patterns and insights from these regular data. Similar to traditional research, big data text analysis can also analyze the common dimensions of 5W2H, not only can obtain descriptive analysis of “what”, but also “why”, and because of its massive, fast, instant and objective big data To a certain extent, it can make up for the shortcomings of traditional research and achieve complementarity. In the field of research, the combination of large and small data is often used to complement and verify each other to improve the scientificity and persuasiveness of the data.

“Triple Doors on the Road of Application Iteration”

Chen Yudong

Tencent CDC Luban Studio Senior Front-end Engineer

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With the help of the recent epidemic needs of the Tencent questionnaire and the classic contradictions and situations encountered in the reconstruction of the new version of the editor, the course explains why it is necessary to refactor the code at work; how to save time through process reorganization when encountering complex requirements; and how to face it Applications that continue to iterate must go through the pain of large-scale refactoring – a journey of rebirth.

The main points of content are as follows:

· Continuous refactoring : Prioritize coverage of problem boundaries over how to achieve beautiful code. He will make our extension and repair work more confident and smooth.

· Brave reorganization: If a thing is very complicated, can you standardize the process; reorganize your own design process to standardize the production of “huge workload” things.

· Rebirth of awe: Keep the core business data model pure, and gradually upgrade our applications with this as the heart at any time. Instead of always using it, you can consider “dynamic reset” or even “long-term coexistence”.

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