Central Office and State Office: Further strengthen the popularization of science and technology, and by 2035, the proportion of citizens with scientific literacy will reach 25%


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The General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Further Strengthening the Popularization of Science and Technology in the New Era”. It is mentioned that by 2025, the role of science popularization services in innovation and development will be significantly enhanced, institutional arrangements that are as important as science popularization and scientific and technological innovation will basically be formed, the popularization work and scientific quality building system will be optimized and perfected, and the general public participation pattern will be accelerated. , the coverage of public services for popular science and the participation rate of scientific researchers in popular science have increased significantly, the proportion of citizens with scientific literacy has exceeded 15%, and the atmosphere of the whole society loving science and advocating innovation has become stronger. By 2035, the proportion of citizens with scientific literacy will reach 25%, the high-quality development of popular science services will be significantly energy efficient, and the soft realities of scientific culture will be significantly enhanced, providing strong support for the construction of a world power in science and technology. (Xinhua News Agency)
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